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See My Pet Again In Heaven

See My Pet Again In Heaven

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Published by Vince Migliore
Will you see your pet again in heaven? Studies of recent Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) suggest our beloved pet do indeed appear in the afterlife. They meet us and recognize us. This paper summarizes a few cases where NDEs shed light on animals in the spiritual realms.
Will you see your pet again in heaven? Studies of recent Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) suggest our beloved pet do indeed appear in the afterlife. They meet us and recognize us. This paper summarizes a few cases where NDEs shed light on animals in the spiritual realms.

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Published by: Vince Migliore on Mar 28, 2010
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Will I see my pet again in Heaven?

- Vince Migliore, March 2010

People often ask: "Will I see my pet again in heaven?" The answer is a resounding "YES!" and the pet will recognize you.

Near-Death Experiences abound with examples of people being reunited with their pets; dogs, cats, horses - you name it. You see them again. What would Heaven be like without them? Some examples follow. Seen as a Puppy The place I was is a hill in Marysville where my grandmother used to pick sun flowers. The grass so lush and so green the air so perfect moving yet still...colors with intensity I have never known. I could see and know all these things with my entire being. A dogs’ tail weaved through the tall grass. A beautiful fuzzy puppy wagged her tail at me. At first I did not recognize her. I had never seen our dog as a puppy. I was so happy to see her . . . we had to put her down two weeks prior to my daughters’ birth. She had injured her hip. We had given all the surgery we could to keep her but it did not make her quality of life better: it had become much worse. We put down on my due date: our hearts were so heavy with the loss of the dog that generously shared her life with us for 12 years. I followed the spirited dog as she meandered amongst the tall grass. http://www.nderf.org/tracy_m_nde.htm

All of my Former Pets That's when, for what I believe was a very brief moment, I had a strange, unusual experience. All of those people attending me suddenly vanished and my Mother was sitting on the left side of the bed beside me with my father standing by her. I didn't realize who they were at first because they were both very young; late teens or early 20s. There were other people behind them who I couldn't focus on because of a bright light coming from something, like a worm hole/cornucopia/horn of plenty shaped object behind them. There were figures of people rushing out of it toward me but I couldn't tell who they were due to the extreme brightness of the light coming from that object. I then became distracted by figures to my right which were all my former pets (dogs and cats that had died) climbing over each other to get to me, they gave me the impression of me just getting home from a long trip as they seemed very excited to see me. http://www.nderf.org/jonathan_g_nde.htm

Even my Dogs Then I went into respiratory arrest. This happens a lot to me. There was this most amazing bright light. All of a sudden I was in the most beautiful place. The sky was so blue. The weather was so perfect. I was outside. It was just this huge big open lawn. Every member of my family and friends who had died were there. Even my dogs. http://www.nderf.org/richard_r_nde.htm

This is one of my favorite cases, as it suggests the pets are waiting for us too! The Person they were Waiting For There was an invisible border you could not see yet you understood not to cross it or you could not leave. Horses and dogs were playing together and when they stopped, they seemed to stare a hole through me and then went back to playing. I was told they were checking to see if I was the person they were waiting for that they had loved while on earth. http://www.nderf.org/mary_r_nde.htm

There are also cases where a person crosses over and sees a pet that about to come to them on the earth plane. A Dog Running Towards Me There was only one other being present. This was an entity of white light, without definite form and hovering in the air. It was not exactly there, but I sensed its presence. It did nothing. While this was going on, I had the vision of a dog which was bounding towards me with its tongue out; obviously full of good intentions. Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later? Yes, at the moment when I said I saw a dog running towards me with its tongue out. This dog was unknown to me then, but now lives with me, for the past year. When I adopted him I had forgotten this detail. http://www.nderf.org/david_g_nde.htm

Feel the Love

I suddenly was aware I WAS a spirit looking down at my body. The relatives in the room were arguing over who could comb my hair. My mother sat quietly in a chair. My grandfather was talking to someone who appeared to be God but it was actually only light. I could not see God but I could hear his voice. My grandfather was asking God to let me stay with him. I was a good person. My grandfather's pet boxer was with him on a leash. I could feel the love between the dog and my grandfather. http://www.nderf.org/jean_r_nde.htm

Yes, my friend, you WILL see your beloved pet again.


Special thanks to Dr. John Long for his ground-breaking website on Near-Death Experiences: http://www.NDERF.org. Please visit his site and support his efforts.

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