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……………………..RESORT & SPA

Food and Beverage Induction

F&B Handbook
Dear colleague,

On behalf of our entire F&B team I would like to welcome you as our latest new team member.
We are proud to have you on our team and we hope you will have a great time here at
the ………. & Spa at …..

Over the last couple of weeks, our team has been expanding rapidly, and all hosts will have a
chance to get to know each other in a new environment. As this resort is build entirely new,
most of the set-up is new and might not be ready at this stage, but we ask for your help in
completing all works so our job will be easier and more fun.

The …………..s Food and Beverage Team is one of the largest operations within the resort and
therefore we need to keep the communication flowing and most important of all, we have to be
a strong, confident and fun team.

This induction booklet gives you a brief overview on our department and can hopefully be of
help to you if you need to know anything. Of course, the door of my office is always open to
anyone, so should you wish to visit me for a chat, a question, concern or recommendation
please does so at any time.

As our department will evolve with the times ahead and once we learn more from our guests,
some of the standards or best practices might change. To be sure you have got the latest set of
documents, please check with your supervisor if there is an update available.

Once again, we wish you a great future with us and looking forward to a happy, healthy and
long-lasting team work!!!!!

Food and Beverage Director

Sunday, January 24, 2010


1. Departmental goal page 2

2. The base of…………….F&B staff page 4-5

3. What is the ………. In terms of F&B operation page 5

4. Qualifications of our F&B team page 6-8

5. Departmental guidelines page 9-12

6. F&B staff manners and attitude page 13-14

7. …….. F&B concept page 14

8. Environnemental issues page 15

9. ……..No No’s page 16

10. Operating language page 17

1. Departmental Goal
It is our aim to exceed our guests dining experiences by far through providing excellent and
pro-active service, creative and great food, unique design, small touches and offering
customized dining experiences.

We stay ahead of our competition and will set the trend for dining not only here in Koh Samui,
but also in Thailand.

We aim for international recognition of our services and will do our outmost best to compete
with the best of the best, worldwide.
Our target for points from the guest questionnaire for service is 95% and cuisine 92%. Our
food cost target is 32%

2. The Base OfA………………………F&B Team Member

……….. is well known for their unique food and beverage experiences. We do not offer guests
dining, we offer guests an experience. Each experience is carefully designed so they are unique
and that we always exceeds the guest‟s expectations.
To do this we need a great team, people that love their profession and have a passion and
respect for the service industry, be it in the kitchen, restaurants or in the host restaurant. We
serve people, 24 hours a day. All our guests are guests, even if they are internal.
As we are all humans and therefore can make mistakes, we should still put extra efforts in to
minimize the risks as much as possible as our department is very visible, meaning guests can
see our mistakes easily and it is often difficult to recover.
We have therefore designed a special customized training plan for every hosts so you can learn
on how to deal with guests in a professional manner. However, there are a few fundamental
guidelines required to work in the food and beverage industry. Below a few of them;

The Profession
When choosing the restaurant profession, a young individual will find it an easy and interesting
profession, which could create the possibility of earning good money. It is a very nice
profession indeed, but first, you must be aware all the challenges that this profession offers
Continuous contact with people from different countries and with different cultural and
religious backgrounds can make it sometimes very hard. Long hours, lots of energy required
can sometimes cause moments of frustration. However, after a few months of practice, you will
see, although steps of success will be long, difficult and need 100% commitment, with the right
attitude you can make it. Nothing is better then finishing a day with the feeling you have made
other people happy. This feeling should make you happy as well. And on top of that, you get
paid to make people and yourself happy. What a great profession!

Introduction to the F&B Industry

In recent years, the F&B industry has had to be responsive to change because of the pressure
brought upon it by the rapidly changing society in general. More people are eating out or are
traveling more then ever before.
Guests expectations are therefore very high and will only go up, never go down. Furthermore
the industry suffered a great deal due to the Tsunami, birth flu, war in Iraq and many other

Food and Beverage Service is a profession on its own which requires study, practice and
continue desire to improve performances.
When skills are practiced and mastered, the results are observable and measurable to guests,
owners, management and mostly to yourself.

The Food and Beverage department is one of the hardest and most difficult departments within
the hotel to work in. We are facing guests every day, not only serving them food but as we also
work under conditions of their moods, tastes, expectations, likes and dislikes. We are
continuously under the magnifier glass as we could say “Open Play” for guests to praise or
criticize us.

The only way in which we can effectively please a guest is by teamwork, thus giving good
service. We cannot give good service without TEAMWORK.

3. What is ……………. In Terms Of F&B Operations?

The ……………………………………………. is the leader in setting standards here in

……. and within the ….. Group. This of course is getting increasingly difficult since many up-
market properties are opening up and competition is increasing. However, our goal is to stay
ahead of any competition and this can be achieved since we are set up to implement, change,
develop and act faster as any other hotel group or resort.

We are creative and have an eye for detail. However, this does not come from only one person.
This come from all F&B team members.
Being a leader in the industry we must be innovative, creative, intelligent, motivated, fun
loving, caring and have a great teamwork.

4. Our F&B Team Qualifications

During your interview and selection process, you where screened on many factors before you
where invited to join us. A few of these qualifications are below and it is very important for
you to evaluate yourself and see if you match these qualifications. Don‟t worry if you don‟t, as
long as you can evaluate yourself and identify the areas where you would like to be developed
further. We can prepare an development plan together and see how we can develop the weaker

With the amount of knowledge you have to acquire, the number of duties you need to perform
quickly, carefully and accurately, and the number of people you are required to deal with
cheerfully and courteously, you need to have considerable intelligence. Also fast decisions on
the spot often without the possibility of help of a supervisor can test your intelligence.
However, most people are smarter than they think. Usually it requires practice, training and
exercise. With Six-Senses we strongly believe in this and will help you in developing to use
your intelligence more efficient.

Body language is probably the best understood language in the world. It is universal. Walking
in a slow pace, leaning or slouching communicate disinterest and guests or internal customers
will have not a great impression. Immediately they will also change their attitude towards you

and it creates friction. In the service industry we are polite and friendly and walk with pride.
We display confidence, warmness, friendliness and are open to receive feedback. We always
say please and thank you. We deal with challenges and complaints with a positive mind-set.

Getting respect for your colleagues, friends or family starts with yourself. First you have to
respect yourself and others and you will find that others will respect you. Should you come
across a situation where there is a lack of respect towards you, first evaluate your behavior
towards the other person before drawing conclusions. Without respect for ourselves and others
we cannot work in the food and beverage industry. We have to be proud of what we are doing
and all jobs and tasks within the department are just as important. Be it cleaning a plate or
serving a guest, both are equally important. You cannot serve a guest properly even with the
best possible service or food if the plate is not clean.
Never be apologetic about your job. If someone asks what you do, never say “I‟m just a
waiter/waitress”. Stick out your chest look them straight in the eye, smile and say, “I‟m a
waiter/waitress”, and so conduct yourself both on and off duty that you will be a credit to
yourself and all other food and beverage hosts.

You spend in average less than half day working; there is no reason why you should not enjoy
your work.
If you are not happy with your job as an F&B host, you should look for another job that you
can enjoy; but if you truly like people, restaurant work can be very interesting indeed.
Help your department, thrive and improve. Be enthusiastic about new things, learn and grow.
When you have learned to do your work well, you will have confidence in your ability. When
you are well groomed, you have confidence in your appearance.
Recognize your abilities but beware of over-confidence.

You are working with valuable material and equipment‟s, and you should learn to work
You should find out the right way to do things and practice doing everything the careful way,
the correct way, the quiet way, until you become skilful at it. Doing things any wrong way
when guests and supervisors are not watching and trying to remember to do them right when
they are watching will only
hold you back in the development of your skills. It is just as easy to do things the right way as
doing it the wrong way.
By practicing good working habits you will soon pick up speed.
Working carefully will help prevent injury to yourself and others. Another issue is hygiene.
You could seriously injure people by not working clean or by not keeping a good
housekeeping. Food poisoning is still a very common form of guest dissatisfaction nowadays,
even in five star resorts. Remember, diseases or bacteria does not have to be in food!!! It can
be on your hands, napkins, towels, uniform, body, table, crockery, cutlery, water etc. You must
take ownership on every task you do to protect the guests and yourself from getting sick.

There are moments when there is nothing to do and the next moment you are extremely busy.
These moments are called “peak times”. Although we can see it coming, because of lots of
factors you cannot plan for everything and this causes stress. However, a good host will be pro-
active and try as much as possible to see the situation coming and act fast, efficient and correct.
Doing things the first way right will save you during the peak times. Mistakes can seriously
cascade additional problems down and affect more people than you think.

By practicing good working habits, you can develop your capability.
A capable person is always looking for ways to learn and improve.
He or she plans and works efficiently in the best interest of the clients and the establishment.

This means doing what has to be done without waiting to be told.
A good restaurant host knows what work has to be done and does it without having to be
reminded constantly. He or she sees new ways to improve old methods.

As much as we think we are in-dependable, in our profession we are dependable on each other.
We need each other to do our work. The chefs need the stewards, the waiters/waitresses needs
the chefs and the stewards needs the chefs and so on. You must find a balance between being
undependable at some moments yet accept that you need others in order to do your job. Also
remember that other people depend on you!

Loyalty comes from two sides, the host (employee) and the employer. As our business depends
on mutual trust we need loyalty. The resort can only grow when we can work with people and
have a long term plan for each host. However on the other side, we would need your loyalty as
well because we will invest in you a lot of money, knowledge, time and training and we would
therefore appreciate your honesty in terms of your commitment to the resort.

Willingness to accept directions

Mostly a communication issue but sometimes things do not go the way we plan. It is therefore
very normal that we have to give each other directions to move forward and learn from our
mistakes. Directions can be given verbally or in writing, but in both cases they would need to
be taken positively. As our standards are unique within the F&B industry, lots of us will
receive directions to adopt and learn new methods or think out of the box. This helps us to be a
better professional.

Honesty is THE base for all businesses and professions. Without honesty we cannot operate.
We must be able to trust each other. In F&B operations there are lots of systems in place that
need to be followed and although most people think it is to limit dishonesty, it is more a matter
of discipline. Therefore, all hosts should try their outmost best to remain honest at all times and
no matter what kind of mistake we make, it is always worse if we would lie about it. This could
result into a situation where people cannot trust each other and performance will drop
immediately. Dishonesty drains energy for everybody.

This means trying to see things from other people‟s point of view as well as your own. Keep an
open mind for all people at all times. Everyone has the right to his or her opinion. Respect it; it
may be just as right as yours. (on the other hand, you could be wrong sometimes)

Ability to take criticism

Everybody can make a mistake; the only person who never makes a mistake is the person who
never does anything.
When you make a mistake, admit it honestly and you will find the other person defending you.
If you try to hide it, you invite criticism.
Criticize yourself and learn from your mistakes. It is a part of gaining experience and it is a
part of life. Mistakes are never punished within our team as long as you learn from it.
Repeating the same mistake if it happens because of carelessness could lead to actions from
your supervisor or manager.

Look around you and you will see that the people who are leaders are the ones who are
enthusiastic. If you bring enthusiasm into your work you will enjoy your work. You‟ll learn

faster and gain more contact with other people. Experiences are education as well. Enthusiasm
will help you in your career even if your skills are not so good, with lots of enthusiasm you can
still achieve your goals.

It is very important to be friendly with the people whom you have to work with everyday. It
will make your work more pleasant. It is a very good policy for instance, to make friends with
other departments.
Be friendly with new employees, be friendly with the guests, but do not allow friendliness to
become familiarity. By being friendly you start of each contact positively from your side. A
good start is half the way.

Keep Improving
The qualifications of a good restaurant employee are many, but the rest of them are qualities,
which will help in any job. Nobody is so perfect that he can live up to all of these requirements
all at a time but set your standards high and check back once in a while to see how you are
getting along.
When there is a chance for promotion, the employee with the best qualifications will usually
get the job.

5. Departmental Guidelines
In addition to the resort rules and regulations listed in your employee handbook there are a few
departmental guidelines that all hosts are kindly asked to follow. If you do not understand one
or more of them please ask your supervisor to clarify them. Working in a F&B operation is a
lot of fun and that is also the most important thing we do, however there has to be also a
guideline on what can and cannot be done. Once we all live up to this, working will
automatically be more smooth and definitely more fun.

 All Staff are expected to shave daily their beard grow and have a neat haircut!
 Short-cut Finger Nails are necessary and they must be clean.
 No jewelry to be used when on duty except wedding rings or engagement rings.
 Earrings for females Staff must be simple!
 Only plain black or silver watches are allowed to be used for Waiters or Bar Waiters.
(No fancy colours, designers, diving watches etc)
 All Cooks to ware cooks hat.

No smoking by any hosts are permitted at any food and beverage allocated area and this
includes all stores, restaurants, kitchens, bars, offices, stewarding areas, BOH etc. Only at the
identified areas with the “Smoking Permission” sign can be smoked.
Smoking in public areas or kitchens, storerooms, etc, results in a final written warning.

Rest rooms
Using the restroom is of course ok, but please inform your supervisor that you will be going.
Make sure you do not forget to wash your hands.

Washing Hands
Before starting a shift, and thereafter every 30 minutes all hosts including service hosts are
requested to wash their hands, regardless their job or workload. Washing the hands includes
using the disinfectant soap available in the dispensers close to the hand washing sinks. Please
check which sinks are allocated for hand washing.

No hosts are allowed to enter F&B areas without their complete uniforms. F&B hosts are not
permitted to work if uniform is not complete. In this case, you should report it to your
supervisor and explain why the uniform is not complete. If this is due to your own mishandling
you will be marked absent for the time your uniform is not complete and are not allowed to
Anybody that enters the kitchen areas should always have a complete uniform. Private clothes
are in no exception allowed. No hosts are permitted to enter any FOH areas without complete
uniform at any time. This could lead to strong disciplinary action.
Each host is responsible for their own uniform and the condition/handling of it. All hosts are
requested to use the allocated uniform shoes accordingly, without fail. All hosts are in no
exception allowed to wear private slippers.

Coffee, tea and water

Each BOH outlet will have an allocated coffee, tea and water station available where you may
have a cup of tea of coffee during work. Please do not use the guest coffee and teas.

Eating in all F&B areas is generally not permitted. Eating in FOH areas without permission of
the supervisor could lead to strong disciplinary actions. Eating in the BOH areas can be
approved in special cases by the chef or executive sous-chef. Please obtain approval first!. All
other meals are otherwise to be consumed in the host restaurant.

Working hours
Any position from demi chef de partie and up in the kitchen or captain and up in the restaurants
and subsequently senior steward and up are requested to be able to work split shifts. Although
maximum efforts should be put in to minimize this as much as possible, it is unavoidable to
work split shifts. Especially during the peak (high) season split shifts are a normal practice. For
non-supervisory hosts there are normally only one shift, however, occasionally it might be
required to have a split shift as well. This will be discussed with you in length in advance.
For all hosts across the department it is required to present to work for duty in complete
uniform and well groomed not later than 10 minutes before the shift starts.

Late coming
As resort policy, however you must inform your supervisor in advance and obtain his/her
approval. Hosts coming late without prior notice should report first to their supervisor before
starting to work. In both cases there is a form to be completed. Late coming for whatever
reason will be recorded and late coming without prior approval will be evaluated during your

Off Duty
No hosts are allowed to leave their assigned working areas without approval of their
supervisor. Although this can be a verbal approval, it is a normal practice to inform your
supervisor first before going anywhere. Hosts that are on a station or buffet in FOH areas are
not allowed to leave the station without having a replacement host first. The supervisor can
help you in finding somebody to replace you but in no event the stations are left unattended.
The same rule applies for all FOH areas in all f&b sections be they bars, restaurants or stations.

Conflicts, arguments
In life it is unavoidable not to have conflicts or small arguments. However, as everything else
in life it has to be controlled. If you do not agree with a co-worker, supervisor or any other host
please try to resolve the matter nicely or inform the next available supervisor according to your
reporting line. You may go all the way to the HOD if necessary. However, regardless who is
wrong or right, bad language or any form of physical contact will not be tolerated in any event
nor condition. All F&B hosts are requested to solve things in a professional and humanly
manner. Nothing should be taken personal.
Mobile Phones
Sorry, they are not permitted (unless special approval to use for resort purpose by HOD). No
mobile phones while on duty in the FOH and BOH allowed. Action will be taken to any hosts
found with mobiles in FOH.

Sick and sick leave

As per resort policy, however you must inform your supervisor when you are sick so he or she
can schedule other hosts to replace your tasks for the day. As sick leave is a natural part of life,
it is understood that this can happen to anyone at anytime, however, short periods of sick leave
such as two-three hours are not accepted. Coming late because of headache for instance is
generally not accepted.

Days off
Our system of service is unique and this might affect a regular working weeks schedule
meaning that days off may vary from week to week. This of course will be done upon
consulting with each host first. However, it is a general F&B policy that days-off cannot be
accumulated over more than one months period. (4 days). Those hosts that prefer to have 4
days off in a row once a month (because they want to travel to home for instance) should
identify this first to the HOD. However, there is no guarantee that this will be granted every

Public Holidays or other days

Any days that you are suppose to be extra off like a public holiday can be carried forward but it
is a departmental policy that we try to minimize as much as possible the outstanding days.
Therefore you might be required to take those days in slow periods during low occupancy.
Your help and understanding is therefore greatly appreciated.

As per resort policy, however in F&B there area lot of extra skill trainings required so there
might be the occasional extra hours outside of duty training. Especially during the pre-opening
of the resort. These hours will not be paid, but will be discussed with you prior to start of the
training. Attendance to immediate job related training are mandatory but if you feel you want
to attend non-job related training you are welcome to do so. These will have to be in off-duty
hours, unless if they are part of the host career-development plan.

Over Time
As per general resort policy, however there are a few restrictions within our department. It is
understood that in the F&B industry there are peak hours/days or weeks and there are days
nothing to do. This means that some days we will work longer days and some days shorter.
This OT can only be assigned by your supervisor not by your self, but if you think OT is
unavoidable you could always inform your supervisor to review the situation and decide
whether or not OT is required.

All OT will have to be recorded and OT will not be paid if it can be taken in free time.
However, all OT will be discussed with you prior and also the method of returning the OT, be
it in pay or free time. All supervisory positions from chef de partie up, beverage supervisor up,
captain up or senior steward up we do generally not pay overtime unless special approval. This
is part of the supervisory responsibility. However, hours will be recorded and upon discretion
of the management some form of compensation could be offered if the management feels it is

In all events, the OT form needs to be completed and a copy should be recorded at the chef‟s
office host files. It is only possible to claim OT with your copy of the slip and you will loose
the slip once it has been claimed, in whichever form (free time or pay).
As a general rule we try to limit as much as possible OT and it is our entire teams
responsibility to do this together.
A second form of over time (paid basis) are our special dining experiences. Any host that
wishes to become part of the catering team should sign up and this means you could be
assigned to a private villa bbq or any other event involving direct guest service. This OT will
be paid with a standard rate (not on hour basis) as it is part of the meal package. On top of this,
you could have an opportunity to earn a tip if the guests indeed have a great experience. Please
check with your supervisor what the catering team means and how it works. These special
functions are only outside of normal working hours.

Store Issues
You are not allowed to take anything from Store without approved Store Requisition. There are
emergencies where you can ask Store Keeper for emergency issued. However, a approved
Store Requisition must be made after the Emergency

Daily Market Lists and special urgent orders must be signed by the Executive Chef and the

Food from Buffets, Kitchen or Left Over

The Food on Buffets and at Kitchen is for GUEST USE ONLY!
Taking any Food from Buffet or Kitchen without the Sous Chefs and his supersiors approval
will be considered as stealing! - There are always some very good food left over, which can be
consumed. However, the Sous Chef has to decide which is for staff and which can be re-used!

All Cooks are expected to clean their own Working Area such as Tables, Refrigerators, Shelf‟s,
and Cabinets etc.
All Stewards are expected to do the Rest.
All Waiters are expected to clean their Own Working Area such as Cabinets, Coffee making
Areas, etc.
All Waiters are expected to help clean the Stewards Glasses and Cutlery

Job Description and P&P

You have/will receive a Job Description stating clearly what are your Duties and what the
Management of and ……. Resort expects you do to!

F&B Positions
Please see the F&B Organisation Chart. Please note that all F&B Supervisors are in charge for
ALL Outlets and that all F&B Service Staff is requested to work in ALL Outlets if needed.
Strong Internal (F&B) Cross Training is a must.

- 10 -
6. F&B Staff’s Attitude And Manners
To be a more successful person in dealing with people, I firmly believe you must;

1. Smile
2. Leave your troubles at home.
3. Be a good listener
4. Get the order straight
5. Learn the names of guest and use it
6. Keep a good appearance
7. Remember your manners

1) Smile:
What am we trying to say here? Simply this, your mental outlook on the job must be good if
you are going to perform a good service. And don‟t forget a smile - it means so much to help
you reach this outlook, so that first suggestion of good service comes into play-smile - when
you greet your customer, say something really big, like “„good morning” or “good afternoon”
or “good evening” or “it is a nice day isn‟t?” when you smile at a person he usually smiles
“It takes 150 Muscles to Fawn, but only 88 to Smile”

2) Leave your troubles at home

We realize that as human beings not everything goes well every minute of our lives. A sick
sister or one can get you into an argument at home before you go to work. However, for the
business sake, remember other people are not interested in your trouble so the best thing you
can do is to leave your troubles at home.

3) Be a good listener
You learn more by good listening then by “chatting”.

4) Get the order straight

Always be ready and concentrate yourself to take an order from the guests. Once you have
taken the order be sure that you did not misunderstand. Repeat it back in a polite way. Just
remember, if something can be misunderstood it will be misunderstood.

5) Learn the names of guest and use it

Here are some people who are regular guests at a hotel or restaurant; he comes back for many
reasons. But the waiter or waitress should give him another reason to come back - the use of
his name. Do not be afraid to call him by name. (That sweet sound)

6) Personal hygiene and appearance

Today we all have running water in our homes and a daily clean over is a must. But this is only
a part of good grooming - our overall appearance must be acceptable.

- 11 -
- Hair: Let us start at the top and work down the hair should be
cleaned and combed short for men.

- Face: Talking about the face - each one of use has his own,
some are have and that‟s it, but we do have the
responsibility of keeping it clean.
Men should shave daily - no one likes to see the “nabs”
showing and the girls should keep them selves powdered
and have the proper amount of make-up.

- Teeth: Part of that face of yours is the teeth and the odour comes
out from the mouth.

- Fingernails: Another part of good grooming is the hands and

particularly the fingernails. They should be kept clean. To
me, there is absolutely no excuse for dirty fingernails -
We found that by keeping my nails clipped short, dirt is
not able to get under them. Also follow the suggestion in
the rest room “For health‟s sake, wash your hands. ”

- Uniform: All restaurants have their waitresses or waiters in uniform.

The simple purpose of having you in uniform is so that
you can be distinguished. The fresh, crisp uniform also
gives the appearance of cleanliness. Be certain that your
clothes fit well and are clean and pressed.

Personally, we always, look at five things when we meet someone his hair, teeth, fingernails,
clothes and shoes (In regular life). Can you pass inspection?

7) Manners
 Practice good manners on and off duty and it will become part of you.

 Do not forget to say, “Please” and “Thank you”, “You are welcome” Remain polite at
all times.

 “Act and behave like a well conduct lady or gentleman and you will be treated in the
same way”

 Scratching and leaning in public area will not be tolerated.

 Walk in the public area at a brisk pace but do not run

 To be sure of success, you must always keep a very good appearance.

 A well-groomed member of the staff inspires confidence in the guest.

 Speak clearly and listen carefully to the guests or your supervisor

 Make sure you understand that the guests in asking you, at all times.

- 12 -
7. Food and Beverage Concept
(Often changing Entertainment Schedule is emailed to all Department Head and is inserted to
the In-Villa Compendium. If you need a copy, please obtain the same from Resort Hosts)

BRS- Restaurant (Ext. )

Breakfast 06.30 – 11.00 Hrs
Dinner 18.30 – 23.00 Hrs (last order 22.30 Hrs)
(The Restaurant can be used for special functions/occasions during Lunch Time
Located at the Lobby. This Restaurant served daily Breakfast Buffet from the Air-Conditioned
Buffet Area. Seating is for approx. 60 Guest at Dome A and at the al fresco Terrace

- The Lobby Bar (Ext. )

Daily from 14.00 Hrs – 01.00 Hrs
Located at Lobby Dome B, this outlet covers the Air-conditioned Wine Rack .
Full Bar is available besides a god selection of Cuban Cigars and daily changing Snacks served
with ordered Drinks.

- Villa Dining
Afternoon Tea is available daily from 13.00 Hrs- 17.00 Hrs for our Guests

- Mini Bar
…..resort Mini Bar offers a good selection of

- Pool Bar (Ext. )

- Beach Restaurant (Ext. )

International snacks and café fair besides daily changing “Daily Specials”
make this the ideal place to enjoy a casual breakfast before tee-ing off, or a relaxed lunch
whilst overlooking the beautiful beach of ……. Satisfy a hearty appetite with tasty Thai
classics such as Phad Thai and and other tempting items from our sandwich & salad selection.
Open: 06:30 am - 8:00 pm (last order 7:30pm)

- Banqueting (Ext. )

- Our Staff Canteen (Ext. )

Opening Times:
Breakfast AM 06.00 – 08.30
Lunch PM 11.00 – PM 14.00
Dinner PM 17.00 - PM 19.30
The Canteen is a Restaurant for Staff and staff must feel comfortable.
Thai Newspaper is daily available for staff. – Taking away the Newspaper is not allowed.
All Staff will be issued a proper set of cutlery for which staff has to take responsibility.

8. Environmental Issues
……… F&B Department is and must be the leader in Environmental issues here at Phuket.
Being a sample is our philosophy and the following guidelines must be followed strictly.
- 13 -
All Garbage to be selected as following:
 Wet Garbage (biodegradable garbage) for Compost Making
 Paper Garbage (Paper and cartons only)
 Plastic Garbage (Plastic only)
 Glass Garbage
 Bad Garbage (Batteries, Tins, Aluminium Tins, etc.)
 Waste Oil
 Chief Steward to check all the times that this separated properly from other garbage.

Wet Garbage
All wet garbage to be separated in the kitchen, stewarding areas. This is a team effort, all
waiters, cooks and steward are responsible for clearing wet garbage into the assigned

Paper Garbage
All Papers and Cartons to be kept together well and dry. Gardeners will pick up this Garbage
and send it to a burning area. TBA
Plastic Garbage
Ensure that all Plastic is separated from other Garbage.

Glass Garbage
For Sell TBA

Bad Garbage
Water Oil (Waste Cooking Oil)
Ensure to keep all waste Oil. Waste Oil can be sold!!

- 14 -
9. ………Resort No-No’s
Please take note of the following “no-no’s”.

1) No tend cards are allowed.

2) No logo design in ashtrays
3) No red or green cherries
4) No name tags
5) No bottled super market sauces are allowed in restaurants (tomato
ketchup etc)
6) No sugar and no ice cubes in fresh juices. They could be offered
separate or upon request
7) No buffet skirting (only thatch or cadjan)
8) No artificial flowers and plants
9) Never say: “Have a nice day…”, but make sure guests have one.
10) No activities with animals allowed
11) No oil based sun-lotion to be offered to guests
12) We refer to our staff as “team member”
13) No picking of flowers or cutting of branches-trees allowed
14) No whole animals on buffets or for show
15) No alive cooking of any animals including lobsters
16) No non-environmental “chemicals” are allowed
17) No genetically modified products allowed
18) No farmed animals such as salmon allowed. As much as possible
free range and organic
19) No display of any live animals for consumpti
20) No foie gras allowed
21) No vouchers to be given to guests for any activities / meals

- 15 -
10. Operating Language
Our operating language is English, meaning in all FOH areas and especially when guests are
around we only speak English. Internal in non-guests areas Thai can be used. The reason is
because we do not want to hide anything from the guests and guests feel uncomfortable when
they ask you a question in English and you would check with your colleague in Thai in front of
that guest. However, should a guest speak to you in Thai you may of course answer in Thai,
especially for Thai guests. This would be the only exception.

When we greet guests we always make a “wai” and say: “Sawadee Khrab/ka.
(If the name if known you should always use the guest name while welcoming or greeting)

When we welcome guests we always make a “wai” and say : Sawadee khrap/ka, welcome
to ….(outlet name…). (for Thai guests you may greet and welcome them in Thai)
(If the name if known you should always use the guest name while welcoming or greeting)

All F&B telephones (BOH and FOH) are answered in English with: “Sawadee khrap/ka,
thank you for calling (…..outlet name…) this is …(host name….) speaking how may I
help you?
(When using a digital phone, you may check the name and once the guests have introduced
themselves you know whether it is Mr or Mrs and from that moment onwards refer to the guest
by name)

We always greet and welcome all guests including our internal guests.

Please refer to our best practices on the following pages for full details on this subject.
Attached only a small selection of general Best Practices are included, the full range varies per
position and per outlet and will therefore be issued separately.

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