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Modern Fantasy

By: Alexandria Haines, Kristyn Lariviere, Natalie

Thornton, and Dana Koehler

What is modern fantasy?

A genre depicting abilities, creatures, or settings not

found or feasible in the real world.
Stories that involve magic, the "quest," and/or "good
versus evil."
Closely related to traditional literature

talking animals as characters

mythological figures such as gods and goddesses
tends to highlight a hero and their journey
modern twist on an old folktale or ancient mythology

Sometimes grouped with science fiction

Maurice sendak
Kids don't know about best sellers. They go for what they enjoy. They aren't star
chasers and they don't suck up. It's why I like them.

Maurice Sendak Bio

He was born on June 10, 1928 in NYC

He was a sickly child who passed the time by drawing
Maurice excelled at art and landed a part time job at
All-American Comics in high school
He studied at the Art Students League
In the 1940s he worked on window displays for New Yorks
famed toy store F.A.O Schwartz.
Through this job he met legendary childrens book editor
Ursula Nordstrom, she helped Sendak land his first job
illustrating childrens books.

books written by sendak


Caldecott Medal for Where the Wild Things Are, 1964

He was a runner-up for this award seven times

Hans Christian Andersen Award for childrens book

illustration, 1970
National Book Award in category Picture Books for Outside
Over There, 1982
Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal for childrens literature,
National Medal of Arts, 1996
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for childrens literature,
Inducted into the New York Writers Hall of Fame, 2013


He has illustrated about 100 different books and has

written about 20 childrens books
Has animated for various short films and movies

Fun Fact: On June 10, 2013 Google featured an interactive

doodle where visitors could click on the play button to see
an animated movie-ette of Max and his other main characters.

Don Freeman


Born in San Diego, California in 1908

Had a passion for drawing and painting all his life
San Diego School of Fine Arts
Art Students League in
New York
Moved to New York City where he pursued his life as an artist
and musician
Backstage sketch artist on Broadway
sketches appeared in newspapers and magazines
Began illustrating for authors such as William Saroyan and
Brooks Atkinson
Later began writing and illustrating his own childrens books
Spouse Lydia Freeman was an artist as well, and co-wrote Chuggy
and the Blue Caboose and Pet of the Met

Childrens Books

Awards and Contributions

Caldecott Honor for Fly High,

Fly Low

meaning he was runner up for the


Wrote over 20 childrens books

Illustrated other authors


Words of Wisdom from Don Freeman

Simplicity is the essence of childrens book
stories, not simple mindedness

From a lecture given to individuals interested in writing,

illustrating, and publishing childrens books.

Marcus Pfister
Freelance Writer/Author/Editor


Born in 1960 is Berne, Switzerland

Attended art school in Berne, Switzerland
Worked advertising agencies in Berne & Zurich as a
graphic designer. He also worked on photography,
sculpting & painting
Swiss author and illustrator of childrens books
Has written a lot of series book including Rainbow Fish,
Penguin Pete & Hopper
His works are written in German and translated into
His works feature animals and fish with human
characteristics who have to work out problems common to
younger children


Pfister has written over 30 books, illustrated 3 & edited

His books promote sharing, trust, cooperation,
consideration, courage , and responsibility
Fun fact - The Rainbow Fish has been translated into
thirty languages


1993- Critici in Erba Prize, Bologna

Children's Book Fair, and Christopher
1995- American Booksellers Book of the
Year for children's book, all for The
Rainbow Fish
The Rainbow Fish was also an American
Bookseller Pick of the List and an
International Reading
Association/Children's Book Council
Children's Choice Book.

Dan Yaccarino
The images in a picture book are the driving forces that
tell the story. The words tell only what the pictures can

dan yaccarino

Born on May 20, 1965 in Montclair, New Jersey

Graduated in 1987 from Parsons School of Design
Worked as an editorial illustrator for both Rolling Stone
and Time Magazine

This is how he formed his retro style of work

Started his storybook career after randomly meeting an

editor for Hyperion and telling him his childrens book
Now lives in New York with his wife and two children


awards and contributions


Bologna Ragazzi
New York Times 10 Best Illustrated
ALA Notable
Parents Choice Award


Written over 3 dozen childrens books

Creator of Nick Jr TV series Oswald
Designer of characters for Nick Jr TV series The Backyardigans

How can you make modern fantasy an

educational experience?

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