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Name: Yessica Andrea Ibarra Malambo date: OCTOBER 22 OF 2015 ficha:957785

Read color and draw.

Sebastian is a welder; he is working in a workshop. Sebastian has to do many things to get a successful job.
For example, he has to wear the uniform properly; he has to wear a blue overall, orange safety gloves, a black holding mask, brown safety
boots, a yellow hard cap and red ear protectors.
Sebastian has also a routine. Today he has to organize the tools on the tool board. He has to put the screw driver next to the hammer; (on
the left) the wrench has to be next to the screw driver, on the right of the hammer he has to put some nails, he has to put a nut between
the nails and the hammer, the pliers have to be below the hammer. He has to put the hacksaw next to the pliers, on the right. He has to
keep the drill in the toolbox and the jack behind it; some screws and washers have to be on the floor in front of the toolbox. A try square
has to be behind the tool board and finally he has to put the c-clamp, and the bolt cutter next to the saw blade.
It is a successful day and Sebastian is very happy to work there.