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Test 2


Choose the correct answer: (10p\]]]

1. Does he go/ Is he going to work by bus every day?

2. What time do you get up/ are you getting up in the morning?
3. She runs/ is running because she's late for her lesson.
4. Our teacher always gives/ is giving us lots of homework.
5. We arent wanting/ dont want to go to the concert.
6. What time do you meet/ are you meeting Pete tomorrow?
7. I am not working/ dont work today. I'm on holiday.
8. People speak/ are speaking English in Jamaica.
9. Archie doesnt use/isnt using his computer at t/+[he moment.
10. Is Tony living/ Does Tony live near the park?lo

Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses using the past simple or the past
continuous. (20p)


Yesterday Tom and Janice went to the zoo around one. They (see) many
kinds of animals. They stayed at the zoo for two hours. While they
(walk) home, it ... (begin) to rain, so they .. (stop) at
a small caf and (have) a cup of coffee.


Yesterday afternoon I (go) to visit the Parker family. When I got there
around two oclock, Mrs. Parker .. (be) in the yard. She
(plant) flowers in her garden. Mr. Parker ..
(be) in the garage. He .. (work) on their car.


You want to join a pen friend site on the internet. Write an email advert for a pen friend
and: (30p)

Briefly describe how you look and what kind of person you are
Write about your interests
Explain why you want to exchange letters in English