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Cayanan, Gemma Rose M.


Pysch10 D

Erin Brockovich Reaction Paper

Erin Brockovich is a single mother to three kids. Despite of her
situation, she is a very strong woman and a good mother to all of her
children. Though when youre going to look at her for the first time, you
would never think that this woman has kids. She dresses daringly, she wears
short skirts, fitted dresses and low neck lined tops, maybe inappropriate for
her role as a mother and really intimidates other people but that is how she
expresses herself. She also talks indecently, she uses curses a lot, but when
she talks she sees to it that she is a making a point.
Her family is really important to her. She sees to it that she provides
all their needs even though she has a large debt and has no job. One day,
she luckily landed on a job. Even though she has no idea on what to do, she
is really determined to do better. She is an assistant at a small private law
firm. She started doing well at this job. As the day passed by, Erin became
more aggressive in what she is doing; she fight for what she thinks is right
and what she believes in. Because of this, she has gained more respect and
she has helped other people. Maybe because she is approachable despite of
her intimidating looks. She can easily be talked to and whats good about her
is when she decides, she thinks about the good of others first. She is ready to
go against really powerful people just to fight on what is right and just to
make sure that she has helped others. There actually came a time that
because of her dedication for her work, she is already lacking time for her
children and boyfriend.
Her attitude and sad experiences before are what helped her to
continue fighting for what she believes in. She is able to help others because
she knows the feeling on how powerful people look down on helpless and
innocent people and she puts her feet on others shoes just to look on their
situation. Maybe her physical appearance affects on what other people say
and how they treat her because of their first impressions and judgments on
her. But these didnt stop her, instead she became more motivated and
determined to continue and what she is doing.
The movie ended showing how successful Erin is. And she still
continues helping other people through her work.
Erin Bs Top Ten Values: (no particular order)
1. Family 2. Self-Respect 3. Concern for others 4. Confidence 5. Dedication
6. Physical Appearance 7. Fairness 8. Justice 9. Home 10. Responsibility