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The.essential.secrets.of.Songwriting.ebook SoS

The.essential.secrets.of.Songwriting.ebook SoS


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Published by: mslokater on Mar 28, 2010
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If you love the thought of getting people out on the dance floor, where
the message of the text is secondary, you’ll place beat and rhythm
higher in importance than the melody or lyric. Music of this character is
often highly electronic in nature, and composers of dance music usually
have a particular way of working. If making dance music is your
interest, you are probably already aware of the terms house, techno,


trance, progressive, ambient and others. House music evolved out of
the disco craze of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Its most immediately
noticeable feature is the incessant kick-drum beat. Techno evolved
from House, incorporating the Roland TB 303 bass machine to
produced a more highly electronic, industrial sound. Trance is a highly
charged, energetic style of dance music.

Dance music is a particular genre that really needs its own book. It
requires equipment (synthesizers, sequences, etc.) and the style of
composing differs radically from the kind of songwriting dealt with in
this book.

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