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UNDERSTANDING RASTER: DOT MATRIX DATA STRUCTURE(PIXELS) VECTOR: PATHS AND STROKES EASILY RE-SIZED JOINT PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERTS GROUP en: PS FILE git Me toa ‘Twelcaty/iisaatior tag one tea Used for logos and illustra- quality photography and fe tions as a vector. Can be ow res online use. Will rf * £ %, scaled to any size without IC M @ loose quality if scaled 3 losing any quality. Supports z § overits pixel width. Does 3 g transparency and is perfect 2 J) ¢ notsupport transparency. | % % é * ¢ for large format priting. (Not recommended for "Vang 57h print use esa ano a .PNG .PDF PORTABLE NETWORK GRAPHICS. PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT. jade Sacer ane ees fe, x = Used as a way to share %, documents without losing Designed for transferring 4 $ 4, Images on the Internet and © the-desigr-or.quality: A & 6 not made for print. Sup- 3 * i a 3 digital version of a hard- 3 ® ports transparency.Used | 3 5 ¢ 3 copy, generally used for A F best for text, graphicsand | 2 A é ‘ i gf emaling and sharing, Even 2 6 online use to create acrisp- | % % é > # elements and illustrations ~ © er look. cannot be scaled a =* can be pulled from certain 7 raang ow over its pixel width. are an™ BDF files, GIF Al le Suee, = Me GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT ENCAPSULATED POSTSCRIPT FILE ait" Steer, Used specifically for online gieM* e219, Developed for representing s %%~ use, colors, reducing s ‘2 single page vector-based ¢ %, number of colors to 256 g %,. drawing in either the EPS Zand can be used foranima- | # Gor PDF formats. Itis a lay- E M ftion. Also allows for : M — £eted file used for illustra- £ reduced file size and sup- 4% & tions and graphic design. ‘e gf Ports transparency. Similar o This is the file designers ha n° to-png but lower quality. my, os* create your ORIGINAL rang ay % “ams on™ LOGO IN. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP IMAGE qxieM*Se*erg, Used for editing photos, R E S 0 L U T | 0 N < bk graphics and web design. ¢ 4, Stores an image with sup- HI RES : 300 DPI - Used for magazine and high ip M Eport for most imaging op- quality prints. (5x7 photo: 5” x 300 = 1,500 pixels 4 # tions including layers with wide) ee = masks, transparency, text, en ¢ actions, filters, ect. Cannot LO RES : 75dpi - Resolution used for online and be scaled over its pixel with: screen use, not for print. and is purely for exiting.