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James Lindon, Ph.D. Esq.

Certified Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist

35104 Saddle Creek Drive
Avon, Ohio 44011-4907
Phone: 440-333-0011
September 25, 2015
Re: Racism in Lorain County mail order pharmacy
Dear friend of the Hispanic Community:
Racism is, unfortunately, still very much alive in the United States and Lorain County, Ohio.
While you might not expect to find it in a health care setting, Catamaran mail order pharmacy,
now OptumRx owned by UnitedHealth Group, discriminates against Spanish-speaking patients.
At the office in Avon Lake, Ohio, English-speaking phone calls are serviced eight hours per day,
while Spanish-speaking phone calls are serviced two hours per day. If you know a victim of this
discrimination, you can notify Brandi N. Kurtz at 816-426-6350 at the Office for Civil Rights.
OptumRx and Catamaran Corporation [NASDAQ: CTRX, TSX: CCT], combined in March
2015. OptumRx is UnitedHealth Groups [NYSE: UNH] free-standing pharmacy care services
business. Chief Executive Officer Mark Thierer knew about this racist practice for months - and
it continued. I have documents and e-mail to substantiate this. The architects of this policy of
racism also include Jeanne Remar, Robert Traffis, Dennis Sinclair, and Rob Gibbs.

James Lindon