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"Pharmacy jurisprudence" related continuing education (C.E.) shall include State of Ohio Board of
Pharmacy (OSBP) approved continuing pharmacy education experiences that deal with current
laws, rules, and regulations dealing with the practice of pharmacy and the recent changes that
have occurred to those laws, rules, and regulations. OAC 4729-7-01(E)
Pursuant to Rule 4729-7-02(A) of the Ohio Administrative Code, at least 0.3 C.E.U.s (3 hours) of
the total C.E.U.s required for the renewal of a pharmacist identification card must be OSBP
approved programs in jurisprudence. Pharmacists licensed with the OSBP who do not practice in
Ohio and have met the mandatory continuing education requirements of another state where they
hold a current license to practice pharmacy are not required to complete Ohio Board approved
jurisprudence if they sign the waiver statement as stated in Rule 4729- 7-02(F) of the Ohio
Administrative Code.
A list of OSBP approved jurisprudence programs can be found on the OSBP's website under
"Licensing/CE>Continuing Education". It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to verify that
he/she has obtained Ohio Board approved pharmacy jurisprudence prior to attesting that their C.E.
requirements have been met.
The following is a list of Ohio-based C.E. providers that have OSBP approved jurisprudence
programs available by correspondence. There are a number of national providers that have also
submitted programs for review and have been approved by the OSBP. These programs can be
found on the list of OSBP Approved Jurisprudence Programs. As not all jurisprudence programs
have been approved, the pharmacist must verify the program on the Board's website.
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