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Brand: Oracle

Media: Direct Mailer

The brief: Convince CTO's to change their legacy systems to Oracle
Money laundering is a significant problem across banks in East Africa. Oracle
was launching a unique software package designed to target this problem.
However, given the large-scale nature of investment, they wanted to
specifically invite CTOs of leading banks.
The idea: Ask a provocative question which CTO's can't ignore
The direct mailer was a simple letter, which used a writing technique called a
lipogram, wherein one letter of the alphabet is intentionally left out. The
missing letter is this mailer was '"e" which is the most common letter of the
English alphabet. The idea was to demonstrate how small frauds could
continue to go unnoticed for long periods.
(Below: The envelope that had a provocative question indicating sensitive
information. This ensured the secretary would not open the letter)

(Pg. 2: The letter read like a normal letter but was missing one critical letter
the letter e. Recipients actually attended the seminar with the letter in hand,
just to learn what had been missing)