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November 19, 2015

To whom it may concern:

With this letter I would like to recommend Marquia Taylor for a position your organization. Her
enthusiasm and initiative would make her an excellent addition to your company.
I have known Ms. Taylor since August 20011. She has been a student in five of my classes
including Interpersonal Communication, Fundamental of Speech, Intercultural Communication,
Group Seminar, and Freshman seminar. She has earned an A in each of these classes. Ms. Taylor
is an articulate and competent communicator. She has a genuine desire to be an effective
communicator. She has earned a minor in Speech Communication. I have been impressed with
her interpersonal, team, and public speaking skills. She has become a culturally competent
communicator. .
As Ms. Taylors academic and student club advisor, I have also been impressed with her drive
and leadership abilities. Ms. Taylor served last year as the Vice-President of the National
Communication Association Student Club. She demonstrated professionalism and vision. One of
her achievements was assisting with our first Internship Forum. The event was well-attended by
students. Ms. Taylor was instrumental in securing potential internship sponsors.
In short, Ms. Taylor shows remarkable potential, drive, and commitment. If you have any
questions regarding my recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at (336) 750-2188
or email me at

Dr. Andrea Patterson-Masuka

Assistant Professor of Speech Communication
Department of Mass Communications
Winston-Salem State University