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I am satisfied with general& Safe working

I am clear on what is expected On me.
The work load is excessive in department.
I have experienced high levels of stress in
Nursing staff in the department are well
supportive & co-operative.
I have necessary equipment & resources
to do my job well.
I have constructive relationship with my
superior& co-employees.
I have good rapport with my superior.
Rotation of doctors to other departments
are fairly conducted.
I am satisfied with the current promotion
system in the organization.
My hospital management devoted
adequate time to my education&
career development.
Hospital management seeks my opinion
on matters concerned with effective
delivery services to patients.
I manage well to balance both my job&
personal life
I receive rewards & recognitions with
regard to my performance in job
I receive sufficient feedback on my
I am satisfied with current training&
development programs
My remuneration is fair on par with those
of other doctors who works In
government hospitals