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More neuron activated , increase

sense of pleasure , enhance

alertness , memory & executive
function in prefrontal cortex

Having enjoyable experience ,

more dopamine release &
travel more part of brain

Memory stay longer in brain

Information remember

Ignore / avoid

Contain 17 % of brain

Fight as negative experience

Consciously process

Contain 83 % of brain

Reflect on information

React information instinctively

Anxious / bored /
frustrated / sad

Low stress /
high interest

Prefrontal Cortex
( thinking brain )


Automatic Brain
( reactive brain )

Thinking Brain &

Reactive Brain

Convert short term memory

into long term memory

Dendrites grow between nerve cells

in network & hold memory

Process new information

( executive function )

Nerve cells forge information into

memory by send message to other
neuron through axons & dendrites

Contain highly developed nerve

communication network

Review & approach something learned

Process in prefrontal cortex

What you can do




( neurotransmitter )

What you can do

Reticular Activating
( gatekeeper )

Acting certain activities


Interact with friends


Located at brain stem

Physical activity

Receive input from sensory nerve & meet spinal cord

Learn more successful when RAS filter open

Keep physically healthy

Rest well

Emotional stable

Practice focus & observe yourself

Link new memory with past

Sensory input & long term knowledge

Limbic System
( emotional core )

Think about your personal

strength , qualities & do
them well to solve problem

When review , mental manipulation

increase activity along connection
between nerve cells


Carry electrical message

across the gap ( synapses )
from neuron to another

Experience pride when

accomplish something

More successfully organized

in positive emotional state

Experience negative emotion

What you can do

Amygdala filter take excess

amount nutrient & oxygen

Slow down & take moment to reflect

( take deep breath & visualize yourself )

Brain in survival mode &

block entry of new info into
prefrontal cortex

Imagine you are directing yourself in a play

( choose what to do with your emotion )

Teacher set up fun activity & you feel good

Amygdala add neurochemical enhancement

to strengthen staying power of information