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Academy Award Song Sung by Jackie Gleason Words and Music by ‘SAMMY CAHN and JAMES VAN HEUSEN 42 CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE (From The Film “PAPA'S DELICATE CONDITION”) Slowly eee rol —F h——F ‘Verse, with a trace of self-pity cas wai a e 8 Seems Ym al-ways mak-ing res- 0 - v- tions. ‘Like fea Fi ev -"ry night for ———————__. mp Colla Voce @ 8 @ & @& t cagsp c. i ‘me is New - ‘Things they chis-el on those in- stl - tu- tions, 43 no bs one pp 9 ff cE a the lof - ty thoughts _T nev - er quite a - chieve, gee Hi on fH 2 Li Each time Tim tak - bows ‘cause ev-‘ry-thing went —_ well Ing De at Daz fH fi wal SF imtgs go aw - ry, and there am oT mny-og 1 meant ie gal, PTF Refiain, Slowly With A Smooth, Steady Rhythm os Saye ee i tains otgim Hinde ® gtaim ir - te-spon - si-ble, call me -fe-ll -_a-ble, Gn me P cvese, poeo|a lpoco a Fg er AMD Cnt Dez Creu 7 Caz pty adaanc BEG Me ie eRe & un - de. pend-a-ble — too. gee Paka Cj cnc Pe gale Br GP Ceasda cr ome Dee Ds Dp om? Ge fe @ 8 RE faa fie fool-ish_al_- 1-bis bore ‘you? vell, I’ ot too cley - er. I } ~ —— leer 0129 gg G7a4EE gy, r 93 3 gar Ds or Fidins Fidin PidimaidD Fidim om Gn B RGB He ist T= dore you. Gall«some._— un pro-dlot - a be, | P__crese.| poco a poco / 2 eemgo =i = Otsins ofaim Mimsds® ataim e e Ar ag a2 sg one Da SG & i & Tm lm prac - cal, ain - bows Tim In cllaed_ to pur - sue—__ —————e | Pg e w 8 2h wy "ear ta fs Ba fe fa ir fes- pon’ sl bly mad for