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Chapter 211

Occupational Skin
Diseases Due to
Irritants and Allergens
Golara Honari, James S. Taylor &
Apra Sood


Paracelsus (14981541), in his Morbis Metallicus,
was the first to write about OSD, including changes
in the skin caused by salt compounds. Agricola
described deep skin ulcers in his book about metalworkers at the same time. Ramazzini (1700), the
father of modern occupational medicine, made observations about OSD in his classical work De Morbis
Artificium Diatriba. Sir Percival Pott (1775) described
carcinoma of the scrotum among chimney sweeps;
at the same time other authors described and studied OSD and contact dermatitis. Earlier texts include
Prosser Whites The Dermatergoses or Occupational
Afflictions of the Skin (1915), and Schwartz, Tulipan,
and Birminghams Occupational Diseases of the Skin
(1957). Selected current resources for more indepth information are listed in eTable 211-0.1.

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