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Less common words:

Show, present, describe: indicate, illustrate, depict

By contrast: nevertheless, nonetheless, regardless of, irrespective of,
Go up: grow, escalate, elevate, augment, proliferate, multify
Go down: diminish, lessen, curtail, dwindle, shrink, subside, abate
Quickly: swiftly, speedily, promptly, posthaste, apace
Slowly: mildly, moderately, modestly, marginally, unhurriedly,
plodding, sluggishly
Increase remarkably: surge, take off, soar, shoot up, rocket, jump, leap,
boom, bounce
Decrease remarkably: plummet, slump, crash, sink, tumble, plunge
Go up and down: fluctuate, vary(around), oscillate,swing
Stay the same: flatten out, stagnate, lever off, plateau
Number of: amount of, quantity of,
Percentage: portion,proportion, fraction
From 1970 to 1980: during(in) the 1980s
From 1980 to 1985: during(in) the first half of the 1980s
The end of the period, lastly, finally: eventually
Next, then, after that: thereafter, afterwards, subsequently
Followed by: accompanied by, attended by
About, regarding, concerning: reference to, respecting, apropos of
First, in the first step, to begin/start with: initially, in the beginning, in the
early stages
Period: term, phase, stage, session
Before: prior to, ahead of
Decrease by 50%: to be halved, bisect
Increase 4 times: quadruplicate, quadruple
Similarly: likewise , in the same way, identically
At the same time: simultaneously, concurrently