Organizational Behavior

Questionnaire 1
Name: Age: Gender: I belong to: Working class Business class Retired/Non-working Student If employed, are you satisfied with your job? o Yes o No Are you Punctual? o Yes o No Personality appears to be a result of both heredity and environmental factors. Give one factor for each, which has affected your personality Heredity: _________________________________ Environmental: _________________________________ My top most priority is o Money o Family o Job o Friends I like talking about Sports Politics TV shows/Drama Happenings in the neighborhood Other: _________________________________ How strong is your decision making power? o Very Strong o Strong o Average o Weak = tick any that apply

When buying anything, what do you prefer? o Bargain o Pay the fixed price What is your motivation level? o Very strong, I can easily motivate others too o Average o Weak, I need motivation all the time Do you like experiencing new adventures? o Yes o No I am Nature Loving Animal Loving Food Lover Culture Loving Do you take part in social activities? o Yes o No Do you take stress? o Yes o No If yes, when is your stress level at the peak? _________________________________ Are you branding conscious? o Yes o No Are You Shy Irritating Excited Bold Aggressive Obedient Lazy Ambitious Creative Timid/Fearful Workaholic Responsible Fashion/Trend follower Thinker Loyal Emotional

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