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Statewide Review of Educational Opportunities

Scope of Work Overview

Create a comprehensive data collection, geographic mapping, and analysis of past, present,
and projected trends.

Data will include for all district, vocational-technical, magnet, charter schools, and schools
identified to serve an identified population (e.g. students with severe cognitive disorders,
school for the deaf, etc.) :
o Demographics
o Geographical information
o Enrollment patterns/trends - (note: this project will also incorporate information from
the Enrollment Projection study being completed separately)
o Choice trends
o Specific information related to the specialized educational opportunities in the school
that shall minimally include the number of students participating in each area and any
wait lists
For purposes of this project, a specialized educational opportunity includes, but is
not limited to, Arts programs, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
(STEM) programs, Gifted/Talented Program, World Language Immersion, IB,
AP, Career Technical Education, Dual Enrollment, or programs for English
Language Learners)

Private/Parochial School data will include, to the extent available, demographics,

geographical information, and enrollment patterns/trends

The analysis will be completed to answer the questions, including:


What are the current specialized educational opportunities in each of the states
public schools and is the school/district meeting the known demand for such
specialized educational opportunities and to the extent practicable the projected
Is the state meeting the known demand and to the extent practicable the projected
demand for the specialized educational areas and, if not, in what specialty areas
and/or geographical locations?

Timeline for SREO Completion

April 2015 June 2015 Meet with stakeholders to finalize scope of work for RFP
June 2015 July 2015 Publish RFP and accept proposals
July 15 July 31 Review proposals and select vendor
Early August 2015 - Enter into project contract and begin project work with vendor
Mid August End of September - Data collection
October Analysis of data and drafting of report and creation of interactive mapping
Early November Review draft report and provide feedback to vendor

November SBE meeting Presentation of final report

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