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George Green 2of4 Embracing the Rainbow

George Green 2of4 Embracing the Rainbow

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Published by: cumiral on Mar 28, 2010
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Although the messages appear to be focused toward requiring
apparent super-human accomplishment, just as few ever bring
forth the potential of the physical body, so also few explore the
capabilities of the mental focus. The human becoming has the
potential for expression in its physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual aspects. It is has been the tendency of humans to pur-
sue one or two of these aspects at a time. Itis possible to accom-
plish a balanced development of all four within one lifetime. In
this way each aspect supports the other within a balance that pro-
vides for a harmonious experience. This begins with a growing
understanding and application of the universal laws, along with
recognizing the various opportunities to insert variations of the
statement “I am a human becoming, help me to become!”
Inserting this statement into every applicable situation allows for
experiencing the use of the mental focus to bring about a shift in
the energies of a situation. This experience of the power of men-
tal focus and the result of its focused use will alloweach to expe-
rience knowledge into wisdom through actual self-empower-
ment. The use of this simple statement demonstrates the self-
awareness taking charge of itself. Through changing the per-

Embracing the Rainbow


spective within the self-awareness, in turn its perspective of the
situation changes in the moment that it is happening. When the
situation is perceived in a different way, it is changed. Each sit-
uation is as it is perceived. What appears as a single situation is
as all participating perceive it, and is in reality multiple situations
happening in a simultaneous moment.
The concept of time is in reality a no thing. It is an inven-
tion of the mind or ego recorder so that the events of experience
can be perceived, analyzed and recorded. Inasmuch as the energy
vibrates at such a slow rate at the 3rd dimensional level, this
process is at such a slow rate that it appears to be in sequential
order so that chaos is not experienced within the recording
process. It is necessary that this be understood so that the con-
cept of the new paradigm coming into existence when it is per-
ceived is understood. When a sufficient number of mental foci
desire to create this experience for themselves, it begins its mani-
festation process within the flow of creational thought energy. It
literally already exists, it is just that the energy flowis so slowthat
itisnot perceived or brought into the experience at the 3rd
dimensional level until the sum of vibratory oscillations reaches
the total necessary to manifest into realized experience. As each
understands the density of earth’s surrounding space and the slow
rate of the humans experiencing in that space, it is possible to
grasp the understanding of why it appears to be a time oriented
process. In excessively simple terms, the thought process travels
outward into the aqueous (fluid like) energy of the creational
flow at a much more rapid pace than it returns as manifested real-
ity.The focused thought process when fueled by emotion moves
quickly through creational energy.As it leaves the dense field of
energy, it becomes finer or vibrates more rapidly. It is the return
trip, so to speak, in the manifestation process that slows in its

Embracing the Rainbow


oscillation rate. The law of attraction magnetizes the object of
the focused thought that was “sent out into the creational field of
energy” and it is returned to the point of origin. When the point
of origin is vibrating at the slower rate, it appears within the
sequential time orientation to manifest very slowly. If during this
sequential experience, the focus is withdrawn or sufficiently
weakened, the magnetic attraction process is aborted.
It is within this understanding that the concept of how the
birthing of the new paradigm is entirely possible can be under-
stood in rudimentary terms. It can also be understood that once
the planners of the next “dark age of mankind” know of this plan
and see it happening, the onslaught to stop it will be intense. It
will require dedicated individuals and small rotating support
groups to keep the necessary focus in tact in order to bring the
manifestation into being. There will be no success if the focus
become resistance. Allowance, difficult as it will be, must be
practiced and the focus held knowing the new paradigm exists in
the moment, not somewherein the distant future. To know that
without having it yet in the current experience will requiresin-
cere dedication. Experiencing this truth into wisdom will gift the
humans who are able to do it into becoming at a vibratory rate
unknown in the annals of evolving awareness.
Through the support of the changing of the cycles and those
benevolent awareness points that not only know and understand
the situation, but also offer all possible support, this project is
guaranteed, ifthe necessary human quotient can be reached. The
ground crew is in place and the opportunity is certainly available.
Let us proceed.

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