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Student Teaching edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Kindergarten Science


Central Focus: Learning different types of cats.

Common Core/Essential Standard Objective:

K.L.1.1 Compare different types of the same animal
(i.e. different types of dogs, different types of cats,
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etc.) to determine individual differences within a
particular type of animal.
Daily Lesson Objective: Today we are learning about different types of cats in the feline family. Specifically Lions,
Tigers, and Leopards.
21st Century Skills: Collaboration
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Vocabulary): N/A
Prior Knowledge: Students will need to be familiar with what a cat is.


1. Engage

2. Explore

3. Explain

4. Elaborate

5. Evaluate
Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills

Description of Activities and Setting

I will begin the lesson by watching a short video about some of the different
cats there are in the wild. I will ask the students which one of the cats they
liked the most. I will then show the class two pictures of cats. One being a
household cat and one being a cheetah. I will ask them if any of them have
cats at home and to tell us something that they know about cats.
We will explore some of the different types of cats in the cat family. The three
types of cats we will be exploring today will be Tigers, Lions, and Leopard.
Students will be placed into groups based on the cat they were given to
research. I will have a table of printouts that have basic facts on each type of
cat. I will also have books and stuffed animals of each cat for students to
explore. The information for each type of cat will be at a different table,
making it easier for them to look through the information.
Students will get into groups based on the type of cat they were given to
research and come up with a few facts or things that they noticed make their
cat unique from the other groups. I will allow several of the students to
present this information in front of the class. Students can also ask the
students that are presenting their information any questions that they might
I will ask the students if there were any questions that they had about any of
the cats that they werent able to find with the resources we had available. I
will go over additional information on each cat that students did not bring up
in their presentations. We will then talk about house cats in more detail. I will
go over similarities and differences between house cats and the other cats in
the feline family that we have been learning about. Students will then have
time to share their experiences with cats as well.
Through the students research I will be able to see that each student
comprehended what was learned through the exploring of the animals.
Students will be given a worksheet with a picture of each of the cats we
learned about (Lion, Tiger, Leopard). I will state a basic fact about one of the


6. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills

cats we learned about and the student must circle the correct cat to have the
answer counted as correct. The worksheet will have 10 pictures of each cat
and student must get 8 out of 10 in order to show a proficient amount of

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

My student with ADHD will be given the option to take

the worksheet and do it separately with me at another
time. I will help him go over facts if he needs more
assistance than the other students.

My student with ADHD will be checked in on more frequently

while working in the group setting with other.

Materials/Technology: printout facts on each cat (Lion, Tiger, Leopard), stuffed animals of each cat (Lion, Tiger,
Leopard), books on each type of cat (Lion, Tiger, Leopard), worksheet.
Reflection on lesson: N/A

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