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Shake It Off

Let it go, let it go. All of it. Every bit of it.

Chuck it out. No attachments,
no attachments.
Simplify. Purge yourself
of all the dross
and suffocating fandangle.
Tell me, what are you clinging on to?
Give it all away and you will begin
to feel much lighter.
Why do you need so many coats
when just one will do?
They are rocks weighing you down.
Don't get stuck, free yourself.
Clear out your house and cast away
those heavy garments.
Shake off all the dust.
Walk the earth just like a child.
And each tiny meandering step
will become your journey home.

With special acknowledgement to all those who provided the images.

No copyright infringement intended.
Music credit: Reflective Synapse by Alpha Wave Movement
Mike Davies 20th November, 2015
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