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September 2015

International Exhibition Registration. The number of registrants for the International
Exhibition who needed assistance was unacceptable. Fully 10% of the registrants required
personal interface, most several times. Before the next entry period, the on-line
registration process should be simplified and a team of assistants established.

Judi Betts Presentation. The feedback from the on-line registrants for the Judi Betts talk as
to logistics was very positive. Of those responding to my follow-up email, only one reported
problems with the quality of the audio so I suspect it was her computer setup. No one
reported any difficulty with the images loading.

Volunteers. It became clear this summer that it is important for NWS to build and maintain
a team of volunteers to share the work required to conduct major events like the Annual
International Exhibition and other complex operations of the society. I have proposed this
topic for discussion during the New Business portion of the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Parrish Hirasaki
Director Web