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Title for Lesson Plan: Strawberry DNA Extraction

Your Name: Joy Chang
Date of Lesson: November 3, 2015
Approximate (Amount of) Time Required for Lesson: 10 minutes
Grade Level/Subject(s): 8th grade Forensics
Prerequisite Knowledge:
The students have already been reviewed of the idea of DNA and what it is. This lesson is a
precursor to DNA fingerprinting. The day before we review what DNA is, so now we are able to
extract the DNA from a strawberry
Student Objectives/Student Outcomes:
Students will create a lysis solution that will enable them to see the DNA of a strawberry
Illinois Standards:

LS3.A Inheritance of traits: DNA carries instructions for forming species characteristics.
Each cell in an organism has the same genetic content, but genes expressed by cells can

DNA Detachment via Strawberry Slop Worksheet (How to extract DNA from
strawberries video)
Plastic Ziploc bag
Soap/dishwasher detergent
Rubbing alcohol
Coffee filter
Plastic cup
Open-ended question to start the lesson: (2 minutes)
You: What do think strawberry DNA looks like? Any guesses?
Anticipated response: I think its gonna look like a clear goopy stuff
You: Well today we will be extracting DNA from these strawberries and were going to
need your full attention so that you guys do this correctly the first time around. We have a
limited supply so if you mess up, you will not be getting extra supplies.

Demonstration: (5-8 minutes)

You will begin modeling for the students how to extract DNA from a strawberry by first taking
1-2 strawberries, placing them in a Ziploc bag, and then mashing them up until it is in liquid
form. You explain to the students that this should be done in a mature manner and that we are not
intentionally trying to beat the living daylights out of these strawberries. As you start mashing
the strawberries, explain this is getting the DNA in liquid form. Next explain to students that
they will need to make a lysis solution (a detergent solution that will help extract or break open
the strawberry cells to get the DNA). Start demonstrating putting two teaspoon of detergent into
the plastic cup. Then put in teaspoon of salt. Then add cup of water and stir. Pour the lysis
solution into the bag of liquid strawberry. Explain again that the detergent and salt solution are
going to bust open the strawberry cells. Remind students that when mixing the two solutions
together, that the point is not to create a lot of bubbles. Next take a coffee filter a place it over
another plastic cup. Make sure one person is holding the filter tightly over the cup and the other
person can then proceed to pour the solution in the Ziploc bag into the filter. Make sure all the
liquid goes through the filter and there are no chunks of strawberry. After all the liquid is poured
into the plastic cup, fill the cup halfway with rubbing alcohol. Explain to students that after
letting it sit for a while, they will see the DNA start to form at the top of the liquid. The DNA
looks like a clear/white goopy substance.

Students will follow DNA
Detachment via Strawberry
Slop Worksheet (attached
Students will also be assessed
by how hard they are
working/making use of their
time and if they show
successful extraction of the
DNA from the strawberry.