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41 It’s important that these students learn to give back at an early age. It makes them more likely to doit for the rest of their lives.” Clearview Regional High Schoo! Latin Club adviser Martha Pearlmen (Creasia Herbert, loft, ajunior at Clearview Regional High School, wats he ‘onto. schoo! bus bound for a local food bankcon Thursday. erase) anor 0 isdoor to carry aboxoof donated food HARRISON TOWNSHIP Cramming ‘«:2cause ‘By Andy Pothames Fer South ese Tes ‘The Foreign Language Depart ‘ment of Clearview Regional High School collet ‘pounds of food this fall for the "Pack The Bus” initiative, a ‘competition among the school’s language classes to see who could most ‘The food, which all went to the Food Bank of South Jersey, will directly benefit area families. postive ‘These are some of the nicest kids Tveever taught” Clearview's Latin Club is one of Ph li _ _DepartmentofEnvironmen- piccoj.D Phaselisexpectedtobe . expresshowhappyevery Advance Media, rforand =<. (HBUMANEOL DDE ETNA Russell J. De completed by the second business owner in Paulsboro tal Protection for $180,000. K.Nipeand aes auopeinareav,——y ORESE ; ; : smsargend sn eee amet o> oan - oo LLC for $79,525. PENNS G a GLASSBORO —365 Ab Jonathan Presbyteri Vineenteen Guglietsto _~ omeYS?* Joseph 8. Larzelére for PENNEY $270,000, Boson [ _—332SturgessCourt, _primones DRB.Hortonine.—New _Drimones, Jersey to Janis L.Kanadyfor James and $129,750. 188,000, —S24Heritage Loop, DR "$1 Pem Horton ine.—New Jersey Dean Syives Anthony Mt andDeniseR. Polker for 8 DiRienzo for $269,990. 81 Lim LAWRENCE TWP. and Jelyn H —s0aBay Point Road, Ira Moore J. for G.BattentoNew JerseyState — 109 Mie cffnvironmental Protection gavard1.Do for $162,500. J Flieraftio for 127,000. PILESGRO Members of the Clearview Regional High School Latin Cl frontof hundreds of pounds of donated food on Thursday, <1 Water D.Hochman. ‘parca Yel ‘competition, bringing in ‘toask about how they could Bus ee een ieee