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Reflection 2

In student learning outcomes two we had to critique and evaluate the distribution of the human
population and the processes that shape this distribution in historical and current events. By comparing
and contrasting events and human population around the world.
I chose this artifact as my best evidence of student learning outcome two because it is a prime
example of my understanding of distribution of the human process both current and historical. We had to
read an article that pertained to human mutilation of the female genitalia and discuss the historical
significance of this act and the current issues surrounding this process. I evaluated the historical context
of this type of mutilation and discussed the effects it has on society currently. I believe that the evaluation
I made based on historical context and the current issues regarding this act in Europe and Africa targets
our learning outcome number 2 in various ways such as identify the problem in its various locations
around the world. Also we compared on contrasted what it meant to different cultures like the European
and African cultures. I really enjoyed reading this article and thinking about the different perspectives of
each side of the spectrum.
The skills I had used in completing this discussion assignment was to compare and contrast
different viewpoints regarding the subject of female mutilation by discussing and thinking about the
current health risk it creates. I also had to think about the historical context of why this ritual is done and
connect it with the cultural significance of the people doing it. Another skill I had to use in completing
SLO 2 was to compare and contrast the different locations where mutilation is a problem and analyze the
different perspectives around the world where this is occurring. I also used my reasoning skills to
formulate a solution for this problem of differing viewpoints.
One skill that I have developed in doing this assignment is to look at thing in a more objective
way to be able to answer in an unbiased way. My objective reasoning skills has strengthened by
discussing this type of ritualistic process. Another skill I developed is my analytical problem solving
skills. We had to think of a way to solve this cultural conflict and it really made me think and analyze the
situation in order to solve the problem within different cultural perspectives. A third way this assignment
has furthered my knowledge is it has stimulated my growth mindset and gave me better conceptual
understanding about different cultural viewpoints on the subject matter. I had to find meaning in different
cultural viewpoints and this helped further my knowledge of the world.