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Jima & Harpreet

Date: September 19, 2009

Fremont, CA
Mogul Empire Era theme

Harpreet S. Johal was born and raised

in Fremont, California. He attended San
Jose State University, where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jima Mangat-Johal was
born in New Delhi, India and raised
in Coloma, Michigan. She received her
Bachelor and Masters degree in Communications from Grand Valley State
The couple first met through an
online dating service. It only took a
few weeks and they both knew that
they were perfect for each other. The
couple dated for just over a year before
it was time for Jima to return to her
home state of Michigan to finish her
Masters degree. Instead of taking a
flight, Harpreet suggested it would
be a wonderful opportunity to take a

The team:
Reception Venue: Corinthian Event Center
Wedding Venue: Fremont Gurdwara
Transportation: Wedding Rolls-Royce
Photography: Adit Studio
Videography: Shutter Pro
Florist: Kathys Floral Design
Hair/Makeup: Picture Perfect Makeovers
Entertainment: BPR Crew
Cake: Bijan Bakery
Catering: Raja Sweets
Fashion: Chandni Exclusive, Sonia Chaandi,
Banana Republic
Accommodations: La Quinta Inn & Suites
Dcor/Rental: Balloonatics, Doves Aflight
Honeymoon Destination: Montego Bay, Jamaica


road trip across country. Their journey

started in San Francisco, California and
would end in Portage, Michigan. The
couple always wanted to visit Mount
Rushmore, in South Dakota, so they
decided to plan a visit while on their
road trip. Harpreet and Jima hiked to the
bottom of Mount Rushmore where they
had a breathtaking view. Harpreet took
Jima to the side and proposed to her in a
surprise moment while a crowd gathered
at the bottom of the hill. Oblivious to
the people watching, Jima emotional and
teary eyedshe said, Yes! They stood
there alone on that romantic hill crying,
laughing, and hugging each other until
finally the crowd started clapping and
cheering. Harpreet had planned the
proposal the whole time and wanted it to
happen at Mount Rushmore since it was

the middle most point between their two

respected states.
On a sunny September day, Harpreet
and Jima tied the knot in a gorgeous
multi-day wedding celebration. The
wedding culminated in a traditional Sikh
ceremony and formal reception that
combined beautiful and beloved Indian
traditions with fun, modern extras to
truly represent the bride and groom.
Family and friends played major roles in
the wedding planning and contributed
their time, talents and support to create
the perfect events for this lovely couple.
Of all the joyful and touching moments
of the day, becoming husband and wife
is what the couple remembers the most.
The couple truly enjoys being newlyweds and take every opportunity to
spend time with one another.

Its your day; dont sweat the little things, so enjoy it!