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ECSE 421: Family Resource Plan

For the Collins

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Review Due (6 months)

November 5, 2014
May 5, 2014

Created by J, N, N, and Brittany

The Collins family lives in Portland, Oregon. They have a 2 year old, little boy that has been diagnosed
with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I. Mrs. Collins is now pregnant with twins and so far one of the
twins has been diagnosed with OI also. The family just moved into a single story family home to help
accommodate for their childs physical limitations. The family is part of the Samoan community and
Buddhist religion. Part of their lifestyle and beliefs is to go through life and to endure pain.
In the Samoan culture, when the women are pregnant the mother stays by their side most of the
pregnancy. She also learns everything from her mom. Extended family are all really close to one
another. Everyone treats one another as part as their family (raise them as their own).

Family Concern/Priority:
How the family can help and take care of their child without hurting him.
Current Resource/Information:
- Cornerstones to helping children with OI include: fracture management, healthy diet, therapy
to help with muscle strength and mobility.
: Nonsurgical Treatments
Outcome: The family can find comfort in taking care of their child. They can receive help and guidance
to know how to care and plan a safe routine for their family and their child.
Suggested Action:

Website: OI Foundation

Contact Information:
(link on OI Foundation to contact them for help and questions: includes address, phone
numbers, and email)

Program information: Parents and families that have concerns for their child with Osteogenesis
Imperfecta can contact this foundation with questions they have. It provides them with ideas that
they can help and take care of their child.

Policy Information:
Phone or fax us from 9-5 ET Mon-Fri

ECSE 421: Family Resource Plan

Applications/Forms: There are no applications or forms to fill out.

Pamphlets/Handouts: There is a Newsletter that Families can subscribe to:
The OI Foundations newsletter,
, is published quarterly, with three electronic
editions, and one print edition per year.
the current issue of


Rationale: These links and contact information are available for anyone who has questions about
Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The times are reasonable and easily accessible for families.
Family Concern/Priority: How can I communicate with my child?
Current Resource/Information: Taking community college courses to learn sign language at Portland
Community College.
Outcome: Parents are able to communicate with their child through american sign language
Suggested Action:

Website: Portland Community College

Contact information:call 971-722-4672 (voice) or 503-928-5867 (VP) and ask for an

appointment for an ASL Skills Assessment

Program information: There is a class offered for sign language. It is on Sylvania Campus in
CT Room 219. There will be a cost for the class.

Apply for
admission to PCC

Pamphlets/Handouts: Portland comunity college classes

Parents would have to go to class a few times a week, preferably at a less busy time, and
may need to find a babysitter for child.

Family Concern/Priority:
Family needs to know how to handle their emotions they are feeling
through the process.
Current Resource/Information:
There is a support group with phone numbers and meetings.
Parents are able to talk about feelings and not get very upset at each other. They can talk to people
who understand their situation.
Suggested Action:

ECSE 421: Family Resource Plan

Support Group
Shannon Parker Support Group Leader 503-881-6240
Julie Schlafle Contact: 503-285-2283
Listing of different support groups online and in Oregon

Rationale: This can be used as needed and wanted.

Family Concern/Priority:
Current Resource/Information:
How to have a healthy relationship with spouses during time of
Parents will have a better relationship with each other and can handle emotions.
Suggested Action:

Resource Type: Marriage Counseling by Douglas Johns

Contact Information: Douglas Johns 503-252-3739,
811 NW 20th Ave., Suite 304, Portland, Oregon 97209

Program information: A counselor with a specialty in couples, marital counseling,

mindfulness psychotherapy, buddhist psychology and differentiation.

Policy Information: $150 for an 80 minute session. All insurance reimbursement requires
three things: 1. An assessment and finding of medical necessity (for a particular illness
or disease), 2. an identified patient (who will receive the focus of treatment) and 3. a
psychiatric/mental health diagnosis for that patient. However, many Medical Savings
Accounts or Flex Fund Accounts can be used for couples counseling.

Applications/Forms: Call for an appointment

Parents will have to go once a week for help with marital problems.

Family Concern/Priority:
Current Resource/Information:
What kind of therapy would be best?
Parents will have the support to help their child gain physical strength.
Suggested Action:

Resource Type and Name:Physical therapist- Cindy Johnson

Contact Information: West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic 503- 227-7774
1630 SW Morrison St, Suite 100

ECSE 421: Family Resource Plan

Program information:This is the website with for the clinic

Gaining physical strength
Family Concern/Priority:
Current Resource/Information:
How will my child gain the strength thats needed in life?
Child will gain strength needed in life.
Suggested Action:

Resource Type and Name

Contact Information: Advanced Pediatric Therapies Portland Clinic- 8339 SW Beaverton

Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225 Phone: 503.245.5639 Fax: 503.245.6013

Program information: There is a description for all the therapies provided. You can find the
ones needed for your child.

Applications/Forms: At
you can find the forms.
Child will have to go to OT when needed.

Family Concern/Priority:
What insurance will help the best for OI?
Current Resource/Information: The Collins family is looking for the best insurance they can find to help
their new lifestyle. Theres an insurance policy called Marketplace Program that helps families find a
good insurance that we be valuable and will best benefit their family and child.
Outcome: The family will have less financial stress in their life.

Suggested Action:

Resource Type and Name: Marketplace Program: Medicaid or Childrens Health Insurance

Contact Information:
1-800-318-2596, link to email,

Program information: As a family you can sit down and use this Program to find insurance that is
the best fit for your family. This website:
explains why
how the program can help find you coverage.

Policy Information:
Age Policy: If a plan covers children, they can be added or kept on the health insurance policy until
they turn 26 years old.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and

ECSE 421: Family Resource Plan

Link to qualifications chart:

Applications/Forms: Apply online through the website:

Pamphlets/Handouts: There are no pamphlets for this site.

With help, the family can use the Marketplace program to find and apply for the insurance
that will best fit their family and will cover them.
Family Concern/Priority:
Current Resource/Information:
Where would we find a practical home for our family that is $200,000
or under?
The family will have an affordable home that will accommodate the familys needs.
Suggested Action:

Resource: Gary Sullivan Oregon First

Contact Information: 503-577-7425 Email:

Collins will find a one-story place to live in.
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