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AMRITA VISHWA VIDYAPEETHAM (University established ule 3 of UGC Act 1956) Amrita Entrance Examination — Engineering PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY & MATHEMATICS [eeuae tone D | Question Bookie. | 491750 time: 244 Hrs | wumber f Pages 20 | Number of Questions 100 00 | Name of the Candidate Registration Number | Signature of the Candidate INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES GENERAL 1. Any malpractice or attempt to-commit malpractice in the examination hall wil lead to' disqualification of the candidate. 2. Candidates are not allowed to cary any textual material, printed or written bits of paper, Mathematical and Physical Tables, Electronic gacgets like tablet, calculator, cell phone, etc into the examination hall 3. Candidates shall possess the Amrita Entrance Examination ~ Engineering Hall Ticket which should be produced on demand, ‘Condiclates shall occupy the respective seats bearing their registration numbers. ‘Candidates shal sign the attendance sheet available with the invgilator Candidates are not permitted to leave the hall before the end of the examination. Candidates are required to handover the ANSWER SHEET and the QUESTION BOOKLET to the invigitator before leaving the hall. | 5. After submitting the answer sheet, condidates are required to affix their left thumb impression on | the attendance sheet avolioble with the invigilator. QUESTION BOOKLET 3. DO NOT OPEN THIS SEALED BOOKLET UNTIL THE INVIGILATOR ANNOUNCES TO 00 $0, 10, Before opening the Question Booklet, write the Name, Registration Numbor and Signature sing ball pen in the space prided at the top of this page. LL. Immediately after opening the booklet, examine whether it contains all the 100 questions in serial matter should be reported to the invigilator immediately, 12, Rough work may be dane on the space provided in this bookies, ‘order and 20 pages as mentioned at the top of this page. In case of unprinted, torn or missing pages, the SEAL ‘Space for rough work PHYSICS: 1. An object of size 10 cm is kept at a distance of 10 cm from a convex lens. If the focal length of the lens is S cm, the size of the image is a) 10cm b) 20 cm €) Sem d) 15cm 2. A biconvex lens of focal length 10 cm is to be made from a glass material. If the refractive index of the material is 1.5, what must be the radius of curvature of the surface of the lens? a) 0.1m b) 0.15 m ¢} 0.20m d) 0.30 m 3. A diffraction grating with 10° lines /m is used to determine the wavelength of & monochromatic source. The angie of first order diffraction is 30°. The wavelenath of the ‘source Is 8) 1000 nm b) 500 nm ¢) 400 nm d) 609 nm 4. A glass plate of thickness 1.5 um and refractive index 1.5 is introduced between one of the slits and screen in a Young's double slit experiment. If the wavelength of the monochromatic source used is X = 0.75 um, the phase difference between the interfering waves ot the centre of the screen Is equal to aon bam qr aan 5, What |s the velocity of light n'a medium with refractive index 1.57 a) 2x 10" m/s b) 3 10" m/s €) LS x 10° m/s d) 2.5 x 10" mys, 6. Which amang the following electromagnetic radiations is the mast energetic? a) Infra red light b) Visible tight €) Ultraviolet light d) micrawaves, 7. Which of the following particles has the shartest de-Broglie wavelength, if all of them move with same speed? a) beta particle b) alpha particle c} proton @) neutron Space for rough work 8, The mass of & photon of wavelength Nis given by ayh Rye b) Xyhe Wt Ne dy hes B 9, The radius of a nucieus with A = 256 is 8 fermi (1 fermi = 1 x 10 m). The radius of a nucleus with A= 4 is a) L fermi b) 2 fermi ¢) 3 fermi 9) 4 fermi 10. Phatons of energy 6 eV fall on the surface of a metal with work function 4 ev. The stopping potential of the metal surface is a2v bp 10v av dpav 11, Addition of @ minute quantity of phosphorus to a silicon crystal makes it 8} an n-type semiconductor b) a bad conductor -¢) a goad conductor ) @ p-type semiconductor 12. The electric current in a circuit is given by I = Ig sin ( wt +8). What is the dimension of 82 a) second b) second ¢) meter / second 4) dimensionless 13. The velocity varies with time according to the relation, v = 3t + 4, The distance travelled by the body int = 2's will be a) 10m by 12m 4m 9) 16m 14, When a projectile is at the highest point on its trajectory, the potential and kinetic energies are respectively 3) maximum and minimum b) minimum and zero .¢) zero and maximum ) maximum and zero 15.A block of mass 2 kg starts maving when the angle of inclination of the inclined plane is the frictional farce is b)iN dOSN 16. Two forces F, = (7i + 2j) Nand Fy = (-Si + 3)) Naet on a particle. The third force F; that should act on the particle to make it move with constant velocity Is a) (21+ SN b) (2-5). ©) (-2i + SIN ¢) (21 - S1).N 17. Two satellites of masses 3M and M orbit the earth in circular orbits of radii r and 3+ respectively. The ratio of their speeds Is ayara py sa aia aot 18. In an adiabatic process, the pressure of a gas is proportional to the cube of its absolute temperature. The value of (which equals Cy/C,) is a) 5/4 bp 4/3 ©) 5/3 a) 3/2 19.A mass is moving towards the origin along the x-axis with constant velosty. Its angular momentum with respect to the origin a) remains constant b) is zera ¢) increases 1) decreases 20. The rate of cooling of 2 liquid is 4*C/s, when its temperature is 8" C and is 2°C/s when temperature is 50°C. The temperature of the surroundings is a) 30°C b) 20°C c) ge 0) 25°C 21.A Charged sphere of radius im carries a charge of 1 x 107 C. The electric fields at a point P, which Is at a distance d = 3m from the centre of the sphere and at a point Q, at a distance ¢ = 0.3m fram the centre of the sphere are respectively 8) LN/C and 100 N/C b) 1 N/C and zero ¢) zero and 1 N/C 6) 1 NIC ond 3 NAC 22..An electric dipole lying along X-axis with moment 5 Am? is subjected to an electric fheld ‘of magnitude 104 N/C. The torque experienced is 0) 2Nm b) 10m ¢) SONm 4) 25 Nm Space for rough work 23.A parallel plate capacitor with air gap of 5 mm bs 2 MFD. If a metallic plate of thickness 3 mm is inserted In between the plates, the new capacitance Is a) S MFO b) 1 MFD ©) 2 MF 6) 2.5.MFD 24.4 galvanometer of resistance 50 chm gives 2 full scale deflection when 3 mA current passes through it. The series resistance that is to be connected to convert it into a voltmeter of range 0 - 3 V is a) 500 0 5) 9500 c) 1000 2 dj) 7509 25. Two resistances 62 and 3Q are connected in parallel and this combination is connected in series with a 49 resistance. This combination is powered by & woage source of 12 ‘and zero internal resistance, The ratio of power dissipated between 6M resistance and 40 resistance is a) 1:4 ») ) 18 a) 32 26. Two charged particles of charge ratio 1:4 moving with same velocity enter 2 region of uniform magnetic field of strength B and get deflected and mowe along curves with equal radius R. The ratio of their masses is a) ait by ain ua gy 1:2 27. When a charged particle moves in a region with electric field E = 31 N/C and magnetic field 8 = 5) T, the trajectory of the particle is a) circle b) parabola ¢) straight line 9) hele 28. Two co-axial coils A and 8 of radius R; and Ry carry equal amaunt of current but flowing in epposite direction. The net magnetic field produced at the centre of these colls ts zero. ‘The ratia of the current flewing in the coll A to current in coll B is a) Ry: Ry by Ret Ry €) (Ro J A gy (Rif Ra 29. Which among the following is a desirable feature of a ferromagnet that can be used as core of a transformer? 3) high hysteresis loss and low retentivity bb) low hysteresis ass and high retentivity €) high coercive field and high retentivity ) low hysteresis loss and low retentivity 30. The phase difference between the current through the resistance and voltage across the resistance in a series LCR circuit is 3) 180° bor <) 90 a) ase CHEMISTRY 31. Syl reaction is favored by a) non polar solvents b) more number of alkyl graup on the carbon atom attached to the halogen atom ¢) small groups on the carbon attached to the halogen atam d) na graups en the carbon attached to the halogen atom 32, Phenal is less acidic than a) ethanol b) o-nitrophenat €) o-methylphenal 1) e-methaxyphene! 33. Chora ethane reacts with compound Z to form diethyl ether. Identify Z? a) NagH bb) HsS0s ¢) GH,ONa ) NayS.05 34. Which of the following reagents may be used ta distinguish between phenol and benzoic ‘acid? #) Tollens’ reagent ) Molise reagent ©) Neutral FeCl, 4) Aqueous NaH 35. In the following sequence of reactians, the alkene affords the compound "B*. oy CHyCHaCHCH ae a ‘The compound B is 2} CH;CHO ») CH,COCH €) CHACHCHO a) HyCH,COCH, 36. How many chiral carbans are there in O-0-(+)-glucose? 8) five b) six 0) thiee 4) four 27.Vihy are certain rubbers called as vulcanized rubber? 8) They ere formed under volcanic eruption b) They are prepared by adding 5% of sulphur as cross-linking egent ¢) They do not use any co-rmonomer d) By the addition of excessive co-monomer ‘Space for rough work 38. One of the commen components of phatachemical smog is 2) formaldehyde b) acetoldchyde c) methane d) CO, 39. Sodium dadecyibenzenesulphonate refers to a) anionic detergent b) soap ¢) cationic detergent d) nonionic detergent 40. Which one of the following acts as antihistamine? 8) Equanil b) Morphine +¢) Serotonine 4) Bromophenytamine 41, The actual atomic weight of an element is represented in 28) number by tu ©) "amu" "mu" 42.The weight of nascent oxygen in milligrams obtained from 6.32 g of potassium permanganate (Makecular weight 158) in acid medium is a) 16 b) 0.018 <) 0.46 41.6 43, The value of Plank’s constant in units of 2s is 9) 6.626 x 10" b) 6.626 x 10” +) 6.626 x 107 ) 136x107 44, The mass of proton having a wavelength of 4.2A° Is a) 4.78 x 10 kg b) 4.78x10%g 1) 7.47 x 10" kg 4) 2.39109 45. The measurement of a thermodynamic property known os temperature is based on a) zeroth law af thermodynamics b) first law of thermodynamics: (¢) Second law of thermodynamics d) kirchoffs equation 46.The bond dissociation enthalpies of H,(g), Cly(g) and HCI(g) are 435, 243 and 431 ki/mol respectively. The enthalpy of formation of HCK(g) in ki/mol will be a) 121 b) -.2nn e) 124 d) -242 47, Defective coating of zinc over mild stee! leads te .8) enhanced corrosion of mild steet b) increase of corrosion potential -¢) corrosion of zine coating d) hydrogen evolution over mild steel 48. What will happen to the rate constant of a reaction when the temperature is raised by 10°C? 8) Increase by 10 times: b) Is halves ¢) Is doubled 4) Not affected 49. The equivalent conductances at infinite dilution (1 90) of ammenium chloride, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride ore 120, 240 and 150 mhocmeeq'. The AGO of ammanium hydroxide in mhocm7eq™ is 8) 270 by 210 <) 30 @) S10 50. 100 cm? of an aqueous solution of protein contains 0.63 g of protein. If the osmotic pressure of the solution at 300K is 2.57 x 10°? bar, the molar mass of the protein will be a) 60029 b) 61039 ¢) 62039 d) 63039 51.A compound formed by elements P and Q crystallizes in cubic structure in which atoms. of P are at corners and atams of Q are at the fece center, The formula of the compound is 3) ABs b) AB ©) AB JAB 52.Syn 988 Is a mixture of 8) carbon dioxide and hydrogen b) carbon monoxide and hydragen ‘¢) methane and hydrogen €) methane and carbon monoxide 53. Which one of the following alkali metal hydrides is thermally stable? 2) Lithium hydride b) Sodium hydride ¢) Potassium hydride ) Rubidium hydride 4, The correct order of acidic character of the following is 8) SO; > CO) > CO >N.05 b) $0; > nO; > CO > CO, €). NiOs > SO, > CO > 00) d) NOs > SO, > CO) > CO 55, Bell metal is an alloy of 9) copper and tin b) silver and copper ) copper and nickel 4) copper, zine and tin 56. Ammonium dichromate is used in fireworks, The green coloured powder blown in the air is a) Crs by Cr2O e) Cr f) CrO (02), ‘Space for rough wark $7. Which one of the following complexing agents is used for the estimation of hardness of water? a) Cyanide b) Pyrophosphate cy EDTA d) Ethylene diamine 58. How mony @ and 7 bangs are present in nitromethane a) 6 Gand 1 b)S ganda <) 6 gand 20 4) 5 @and 1% 59, Retardation factor is calculated os 1a) ratio between ‘distance travelled by the substance from the base line and distance moved by the solvent from the base line’ b) ratio between ‘distance travelled by the solvent fram the base ling and distance mowed by the substance from the base line” ¢) sum of distance travelled by the substance from the base line and distance moved by the solvent from the base line" 1d) difference of ‘distance travelled by the substance from the base line and distance moved by the salvent fram the base line’ 60. In which ane of the follewing, Mn exhibits its highest oxidation state? a) MnO, by Mn ) MnoF 4) Mino ‘Space for rough work 10 _~ MATHEMATICS. xt +2ny +(4n 61. The probability that the roats of the equation numbers where n EM such that nS 5 is ay as by ays ous ays = 0 are not real 62.1F A is area lying between the curve ¥ = cos x and x-oxis between x = and x = 7/2, then the area of the region between the curve ¥ = cos"x/2 and the x-axis In the same interval is given by ay CW +Ay2 by (aya) +A c)C/2}48 d) (7/4) +(A/2) bp -2 ao 64. If the area baunded by the curve y = f(x), x-axis and the ordinates x = 1 and x = b is (b- 1) sin(3b + 4), then fd is 8) (06-1) cos (3449) b) (sin(3x4+4) + 3x-1) cost 3x+4)] €) sin (344) 4) None 65. The coefficient of x" in the expansion of (1-30 }* (1 + x)* is ay 15 b) 20 10 26 ‘Space for rough work a 66. Which one of the following is TRUE for any x i a 9) 5 Seed nea DD yea Sines © ed gf ee: a eee SE ed es az 67. The order and degree of the differential equation y ~ x 3% = = is 12) ay12 bya, ¢) 1, 52 41,3 68. The general solution of the differential equation (1 + e” ) di + ef"? (1-Cx/y)) dy = 0 is a)y + xc by x + yelrlec ©) x + Cave’) dy + yeMac 59. The triangle with vertices A'= (2, 7), 8 = (4, y) and € = (-2, 6) is right angled at B if the value of y is a) 10 or -3 b) -10.0r-3 ©) 10 or 3 4) 904 70. The point equidistant from the three lines x+y =1, y = Land x= 1is a » Ga) 9 Ge o (+5.-4 Space for rough work 2 71, The equation of the line mid parallel to the two lines Sx - 2y - = Oand 5x -2y +7=0ls a)x+5y-6=0 b)Sk-y-180 €) 2x -Sy-6=0 d) Sx - 2y 72, The straight line 3x + 4y +4 = 0 is moved parallelly so that Its distance from the paint (3, -2} ts increased by 4 units. Then its equation in the new position is a) xt 4y-30=0 b) 3x + 4y -24=0 c)3e 4 4y-21=0 d) x + 4y 424 = 0 73. If a, b, Care AM, GM and HM respectively of two equal numbers, then a)ab=ate b) b= 2ac/ (atc) ce} b= oc dabac 74. The harmonic mean of the roots of the equation is (7+ V3) x8-(6 + V7) x + (12 +2V7)=0 a) 8 bys 3 4 75.The general solution of x satisfying the system of equations 5S! = 1; Bement a Sis a) na tae b)2nasay6. <) n-(7/6) d) area(s Space for rough work 1B 76. The angles of a triangle are in A.P and the least angle Is 40°, The greatest angle in radians is 2) m/2 by amo ems d) 39/2 77.18 SinB=1/¥5 and ton O=1/2, then Cos ts equal to a) 2fvS b) 1/v3 ous 9) 1/(2¥5) 78.The value of 8" (i-+a*+ sina) lear ig equal to ayt byet ce aew 79. Rolle's Theorem far ff) = x(x-3)e"** is applicable in the interval 8) (9, 3) by (0, -3) ©) C3, OF d) (3, 0) 80. Equation of the normal to the curve y=(14%)* + Sin'!{Sin® x) at x = 0 ls ayy=x bhy-x=a yteet d)y-1= 2 ‘81. If A.end B are two matrices such that AB = A and GA = B, then A?-B? = 8) 208 bA-B A+B 1d) 2 BA 82.The system of linear equations x + 3y + (242)2 = 0, 2x + 4y + Br = 0, ‘x + Sy + 10z = O has non-trivial solution, when 2 is: a)-2 b)2 4 aa ‘Space for rough work uw 83. If the roots of the equation ax’ + bx +c = Oarein the ratio 2: 3, then a) 6b? = 25 ac b) 6b? = 25(a+c) €).13b! = 6 ac d) 130? + 6ac=0 84.1 dand Bare adjacent sides of « parallelogram with |@ + Bi.) @- Bj, the agpacent sides of parallelogram are 2) perpendicular ) inclined at an angie of 1/3 ¢) paratiet 4) inclined at an angle of 5/4 85, The scatar Bus) x (+B 42)) bs equalte a) (@,b,2 ao cy 4B ,8) + 1b,2,a) a) (4,B,2) + (B,2,a) + (2,4,5) 86, The equation af the line passing through the point of intersection of the lines and which =F 2k. 2.2 * perpendicular to the plane Sx-y+92=10 is b) a) IK wit as 87. The equatian af the plane through the intersection of the planes 2x - y + 2 = 6 an x+y + 22 = 7 and passing thraugh the psint (1, 1, 1) is 8) 2x-7y-52+10=0 b) 2x - 7 + Sz +10 = 0. ©) 2x ~7y- 52-1080 d) 2x4 7y-Sz~10=0 88. The equation of the line passing through the point (1, 1, 0) and parallel to the plan e+ 2yt+e= Sis b) a) 89. The engle between the complex numbers 2 + 2 and -7 Is 8) W/2 by mya ) 3m/2 d) 3/4 90. What isthe value of #5 a ¢ 16 ‘91. The ratio between the number af ways we can arrange n persons in a circular manner to tha number of ways we can arrange them in a line is a) in bynst cast dy ts ‘92..A team of 8 students goes on an excursion, in two cars, of which one can seat 5 and the other only 4. In how many ways can they travel? a) 274 b) 26 ©) 126 6) 96 93. The number of cammon tangents to the circles x? 4 y?- 4y = Gandx? + y?- 2y = 01s aja by2 3 at 94. Centre of the circte passing through (4, 5), (3, 4), (5, 2) is a) (9/2, 7/2) b) (7/2, 9/2) ©) (72, 22), d) (9/2, 2) 2 ak ‘95. Ife, and e, are the eccentricities of a hyperbola and its conjugate then ®i * 2 will be ay 2 db) efey ee 0 O gta Space for rough work a7 ‘96. The equation 4x? + 7y* + 32x - S6y + 148 =0 represents: 2) an ellipse with center (4, -4) b) an ellipse with center (-4, 4) ©) on ellipse with center (2, -2) 8) an allipse with center (-2, 2) ‘97. The equation for the circle obtained by shifting the circle x? + y? = 49 to 3 units down and 2 units left is: 8) Gera + (y42y' = 49 b) (-3)? + (y-2P = 49 ©) 2)" + (7-3)? = 49 d) (eazy + (y43)? = a9: 98: The warlance of a data Set is k, then the variance of the data set obtained by shifting thy original data to 3 units is ayk-3 bk +3 ok 4) 3k 39. Suppose that P (A/B) = 0.7, P(A) = 0.5 and P[B) = 0.2 then P(G/A) is, a) 0.14 b)04 0.3 4) 0.28 100. A medical test Is capable of identifying someone with the illness as positive Is 9% and someone without illness as negative 95%, If the illness is present in the general Population with probability 0.0001, the probability for anyone to have iliness when the medical test results positive is a) 0.00009 ) 0.002 ) 0.0001 d) 0.9980 Space for rough wark Space for rough work {feameined from the first page) ‘OMR ANSWER SHEET | 13. Use the OMR answer sheet carefully, no spare sheet will be issued under any circumstance. 14 Do not fold or make any stray mark an the OMR sheet. | 15. Use HB Pencil or Black ball point pen for shading the bubbles and ball paint pen for writing. 16. In the OMR answer sheet, make the following entries 3, Write the Registration Number, Question Booklet Number and Question Booklet Version code using ball point pen, 'b, Fill the ovals corresponding to the Registration Number, Question Booklet Number and (Question Booklet Version Code using HB pencil / ball point pen. ‘© Write your Name and Signature using ball peint gen. 17, Rough work should not be dane on the answer sheet. ANSWERING AND EVALUATION A For each question, four answers are suggested of which only one is correct / most appropriate. Mark the correct / most appropriate answer by darkening the corresponding bubble using HB pencil or Black ball point pen. 15, In case the candidate wishes to change the choice already shaded using HB pencil, he/she | ‘may erase the marking completely and thereafter shade the alternative bubble. If ball point | pen is used for shading the ovals, make sure of the answer before shading since such | markings cannot be altered 20. Hf mare than one bubble is darkened against a question, it will be treated as an incorrect | answer. 21, For each correct answer, three marks will be awarded. 2 23. Hf any smudge is left on the OMR sheet, evaluation will beconne imperfect