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Monroe Public Schools ‐ Budget Referendum ‐ Tuesday, April 6th


Impact of Potential 2010‐2011 Budget Reductions
and Resulting Overall Board of Education Budget
Eliminate 10 Additional Teaching 
$1,500,000 More Study Halls
Elimination of Sports                   Elimination of Sports                  
(100% Pay‐to‐Play) (100% Pay‐to‐Play)
Eliminate After School Activities         Eliminate After School Activities       
(100% Pay‐to‐Participate) (100% Pay‐to‐Participate)
$1,000,000 Eliminate Magnet School Transport Eliminate Magnet School Transport
Reduction of Programs Offered Further Reduction of Programs Further Reduction of Programs
$750,000 Larger Class Sizes Larger Class Sizes Larger Class Sizes
Close Chalk Hill School Close Chalk Hill School Close Chalk Hill School Close Chalk Hill School
Reductions in Force: Larger Reductions in Force: Larger Reductions in Force: Further Reductions in Force:
$500,000 Custodians Custodians Custodians Custodians
Reduction in Force: Secretaries Secretaries Secretaries Secretaries
Custodians Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals Paraprofessionals
Secretaries Nurses Nurses Nurses Nurses
Paraprofessionals Librarians Librarians Librarians Librarians
Librarians Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers
Teachers Administrators Administrators Administrators Administrators

5.88% 5.38% 4.89% 3.90% 2.91%

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