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Monroe Publi Schools 375 Monroe Turnpike “Monroe, CT 06468 COLLIN A PALMER PAD et Gs) 42-2582 Fae 20) 42-506 Mall costo os March 25, 2010 Dear Parents/Guardians: Chalk Hill School will not open next year for both grades $ and 6, Based on the current budget, this is no longer an option forthe district ‘The reduction by the First Selectman prompted the BOE to vote to close half of the school and house only 6" grade students in Chalk Till next year. Wit the current plan, grade 5 students ‘will remain in the elementary schools ‘The budget referendum on Tuesday, April 6, will determine if further changes tothe district may be required for next year. If the referendum passes, Chalk Hill will operate for one grade. IF the referendum fails and there are further reductions to the education budget, the Monroe Boaed of Education will nee to consider all options for making the bottom line work. As articulated in ‘the attached overview sheet depicting mitigation strategies, the difficult choices include: Closing Chalk Hill completely and creating an 8° Grade Academy Increasing elass sizes Reducing or eliminating programs Instituting an increased or 100% pay-for-play program for athletics Laying off salt All ofthese mitigation strategies will drastically alter how we do business in our district and will have a profound impact on the lives of our students, “The intent of this communication is to share with you the high stakes of decision day April 6% ‘The district has already been permanently altered by budget decisions up to this date and ‘continues to be at-risk for further reductions in the town budget process. The district respects your choice inthis referendum. Our goal isto ensure that you have the ‘accurate information so you may make an informed decision when you vote. Respectfully, a Colleen A. Palmer, PhD. Superintendent of Schools