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Sighting in room 203

fifteen tally marks


fifteen tally marks

twenty tally marks



twenty tally marks






Twenty-Five tally marks

TWENTY-FIVE tally marks



Behavior Con,ngency Plan

Undesirable Behavior Targeted
When students blurt out or speak without permission, the learning process is o7en interrupted. This behavior par;cularly
interferes with whole group and small group discussions. When students announce responses to teacher probes without
permission, it impedes the development of cri;cal thinking for other students.

Types of posi,ve reinforcements
Immediate R+
Each ;me a student raises their hand to speak during instruc;onal ;mes (share a response, ask a ques;on, make a comment,
etc.), the class will receive one tally mark. Tally marks will be recorded on the BCP chart, which also outlines the number of
tally marks needed to earn a monster body part.
Delayed R+
Students will work towards assembling a monster, one body part at a ;me. Each body part will be awarded when the class
earns a specied number of tally marks.
Overall R+
When the class has successfully assembled the en;re monster, students will create their own slime monster.
How will R+ be Administered
Immediate: The teacher will provide students with immediate feedback (praise or descrip;on of desired behavior) and will
record one tally mark on the BCP chart next to the rst body part.
Delayed: The teacher will allot ;me at the end of the instruc;onal period in which students earned a monster body part.

Interac,ve Learning Ac,vity
When the class has successfully assembles the en;re monster, students will create their own slime monster. Students will
conduct an experiment to demonstrate how a liquid changes to a solid (mixing starch and water to create puHy). Once
students have changed the liquid substance to a solid, they will add googly eyes or other materials to create their
monsters face. As an extension, students will compose a short story about how their monster came to be.
This ac;vity will require prepara;on a day in advance so materials and tools are available. When students earn the overall
reinforcement, the teacher will allot ;me the following day.
TEK: 3.5(C) Predict, observe, and record changes in the state of maHer caused by hea;ng and cooling.

Teaching Desired Behaviors
The teacher will invite students to the rug for a class mee;ng.
The teacher will lead students in a discussion about why it is important to raise your hand for permission to speak during
whole group and small group learning. Possible student responses: When people blurt out, theyre sharing the answer
before everyone else has ;me to think. Its not polite to talk while others are talking. When people blurt out, it is
distrac;ng. When you do not raise your hand then everyone will try to talk at the same ;me.
The teacher will validate student responses and encourage them to reect on their own behavior. The teacher may ask the
following ques;ons: Have you have been interrupted? If so, how did it make you feel? If the teacher asked a ques;on and
you raised your hand to respond but someone else answered without permission, how did you feel?
The teacher will explain to students that the class will set a new goal together and work as a team to achieve their goal.
The teacher will say: Our new goal will be to raise our hand for permission to speak.
The class will demonstrate the appropriate behavior by showing how to properly raise their hands before speaking. The
teacher will ask a series of ques;ons most students will be eager to answer (i.e. What is your favorite food, what did you
do this weekend, etc.). Students will be expected to raise their hand and wait quietly to be called on. As students
demonstrate the behavior correctly, the teacher will provide posi;ve feedback and praise.

Teaching Plan
The teacher will explain the rules for the immediate reinforcement. The teacher will show students the goal-tracking chart
and explain how it will work.
The teacher will describe the importance of the monster parts and each part will be earned (delayed reinforcer).
The teacher will explain that once the monster has been completely assembled, the class will create slime monsters during
a fun science experiment.

Op,ons Adjustments to Extend or Readjust
If students are earning tally marks too quickly/not quickly enough and the undesirable behavior s;ll proves to be
problema;c, the class could work towards earning a higher/lower number of tally marks so that the BCP is eec;ve.
The theme of this plan parallels the overall classroom theme, so it could be used con;nuously throughout the year for a
various number of behaviors.