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GOTHONG MANUFACTURING COMPANY which is located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City, showcased their production process by giving us a tour around its plant site. It gave us a memorable time because it was the most uncomfortable site we ve visited due to its smell and scorching heat on its environment. It was nice of them to give us sample tasting of their products. We ve learned a lot since the company gave us an idea on how they process their products from raw materials such as dried coconut meat (copra). However, it wasn t able to explain to us comprehensively on the accounting side. It was more on the marketing and operation side of the business that was discussed.

LIWAYWAY MARKETING, located at Sudlon Maguikay, Mandaue City, manufactures junk foods with the brand Oishi. The company explained to us how their products are made. It help us realized that their products is just like those flower Chicharon that can be bought in Supermarkets. You just fry them and add flavoring. However looking at its manufacturing site, their business is more on the laborintensive than the technological automation type of business operations. From simple pallets fried on huge frying pan down to packaging department. They use palm oil in cooking the pallets, and in takes every 3-5 months to change cooking oil or depends on their chemists who checks the usage capacity on its oil.

Situated at Go Sotto Cpd.,MJ Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City, UNION GALVASTEEL CORPORATION was the most prepared among the companies we ve visited. The company arranged snacks for us and a PowerPoint presentation all about its accounting process of its business. They showed how its business operates from purchase orders down to delivery receipts. They were able to discuss to us their product costing method, their way of handling quality costs, and how they will be able to cope up with the business world.

The whole trip was a success and indeed, it was very enjoying. We were not only able to learn and apply what we ve learn in our Cost Accounting, but we were also able to bond with our classmates. The trip was very educational though there were some parts of the trip that we find very boring At least we were able to see how they produce their products. The food was great and very plentiful. All meals except d last dinner were buffet style. It was the most memorable and unforgettable trip I ever had in my whole college life. Undeniably my P4,150.00 payment for the educational tour was very sulit.

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