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Ceragon IP20 Commissioning

1. Start your web browser.

2. In the URL address field at the top, type http://yourIP, and press Enter.
3. In the Login page that appears, enter your user name and password, and click Login.
Username : admin.
Password : admin
The main management page appears:

IDU need to be initialized through Software Download and Install

FileZilla Server Group Name

Laptop IP Address
File Name in C drive
Connect FileZilla before download

FileZilla Connected

Note- Keep the file in your laptop C drive

Drag a card from the right column to a slot on the left & click configure.

Radio Interface card.

Ethernet Line Interface Card (E-LIC) Overview

LIC-T155 Line Interface Card (TDM STM-1/OC-3 LIC) Overview

Configure Link Name, Description & Location details

Configure Data & time

Configure Local Node IP-address.

Configure Remote IP
Select the row select Edit & configure the corresponding Remote IP address.

Radio Parameter configuration

Select Radio-Radio parameters.
Select the row & Edit
Configure the parameters as per the plan (LB)

ATPC configuration
Select the required slot/direction & Edit

Enable / Disable as per plan.

MRMC / Modulation
Select Radio-MRMC-FCC-& the corresponding card/direction.

Select the modulation & BW as per the plan.