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The Insulet POM (Peace of Mind) [Design by Lydia Gaydos] Introduction Are you afraid of being alone?

You aren’t the only one. Being alone can trigger great anxiety for any person, from young children to older adults. However, for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, being alone with no access to emergency care can cause tremendous anxiety not only for the diabetic patient, but for his/her family and friends as well. Severe hypoglycemia can result in unconsciousness if not detected and treated promptly. Once unconscious, the diabetic’s life is in the hands of those who happen to be close by at the time. But what if you are alone? How will you receive the immediate care you need? The scary truth is, you may not. Without being conscious and able to alert emergency personnel, help may never arrive, or might arrive too late. Several continuous glucose monitors have been designed to warn patients when their blood glucose is dropping to seriously low levels, but these are not perfect, and rely on the ability of the patient to intervene to reverse the condition. However, what if you lose consciousness while trying to treat your low? Or perhaps you drop low rapidly and you never had a chance to treat the low. A revolutionary new device called the Insulet POM (Peace of Mind) was designed to free you from the fear of being alone. The POM will serve as your immediate emergency response service even when you are unable to help yourself. What is the Insulet POM? While still a tubeless insulin delivery system, the Insulet POM is significantly more advanced and features continuous glucose monitoring while recording the amount of insulin delivery and blood glucose levels. Perhaps most revolutionary, it serves as an emergency care device capable of contacting local emergency personnel and delivering glucagon. The POM’s Tubeless Insulin Pump Portion

One noticeable difference in the Insulet POM is that the pump is tan in color to better conceal the “mechanical” aspect of the device. The POM has a slightly stronger adhesive backing along with reinforcing strips provided for those whose pump adhesive backing may become loose during regular wear. The pump connects to a wireless manager (PDM). For those more technologically advanced, a new Iphone/Ipod application can be downloaded to connect wirelessly to the pump. Applications installed on an Iphone/Ipod as well as on the separate PDM device will record every activity including basal, bolus, and quantity of insulin used/remaining. One other MAJOR change in pump design is the bright green cannula tip so you can more easily view when or if the cannula has become dislodged from the subcutaneous tissue, thus making it easier to recognize when you are no longer receiving insulin adequately. Changes of the pump will occur every 3 days. The POM’s Continuous Glucose Monitor Portion A continuous glucose monitor is a built-in component of every pump system. There is a small docking space on each pump (near the cannula tip) where a sensor is placed. The sensor is connected to a small glucose reading material (like those in typical continuous glucose monitors) that is attached to the outer edge of each cannula. The sensor itself can be reused as it can be popped out of an old pump, sanitized, and reinstalled into a newly changed one. This not only saves money but has been proven effective in devices such as the Dexcom Seven continuous glucose monitor. The added sensor will only add a slight bump on the outside of the pump design, thus decreasing the amount of mechanical devices you will be required to wear in order to obtain the best possible control. Readings will be sent to either the PDM device or to the program installed on an Iphone/Ipod software. You can use the readings to make appropriate insulin adjustments, which can be done either through the PDM device or via the software explained earlier. The PDM provided by Insulet also has a built in glucose monitor to calibrate the continuous glucose monitor. However, if you choose the Iphone/IPOD application, any glucose monitor can be used to test your blood sugar which can then be entered into the software to calibrate the continuous glucose monitor. The POM’s Emergency Component Although having a continuous glucose monitor in the same device as a tubeless insulin delivery system is revolutionary and convenient, perhaps the most revolutionary design of the POM is the emergency glucagon injection plus the immediate capability to contact emergency personnel. If your blood glucose reaches ≤40mg/dL, an emergency alert screen will appear on the PDM or the Iphone/Ipod software. The alert reads “Alert: Blood Glucose ≤40mg/dL” and a countdown of 2.0 minutes begins as soon as the continuous glucose monitor detects this severe blood glucose. On the alert screen, there are two touch screen buttons with the options: “Deliver glucagon now” or “Do NOT deliver glucagon.” If you are aware of the low and are adequately treating it, you can select “Do NOT deliver glucagon” since you are able to correct it on your own. The alert will continue every 2.0 minutes until the blood glucose rises above 40mg/dL and shows an increasing trend on the continuous monitor. If you become unconscious due to a low blood glucose, you will be unable to select a button on the warning screen. If this occurs, after 2.0 minutes of no patient intervention, the reconstitution fluid will be propelled into the glucagon powder compartment which will then cause an IM needle to be injected to deliver the emergency glucagon. At the same time that the POM is delivering the glucagon, the PDM or Iphone/Ipod software will be utilizing the global positioning software installed on either device. This software will dial the local

emergency response service and will send a map of your location to the emergency responders. This will insure the most efficient and timely response. The Insulet POM…….a device that offers security to diabetics and their families. No longer will you be anxious about being alone, as help is always there with you. Even if you are unable to help yourself in those times of severe lows, you will have “Peace of Mind” that even if you are alone, help is only minutes away.

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