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Citizen Citation It has come the community’ attention that one, Magor Maher Maso ras used his/her political status to avoi consequences of violating his/her own laws, thus creating an unequal and unjust enforcement mechanism which erodes trust between citizens and government. As citizens, we hold our elected officials to a higher moral and ethical standard. We expect our lawmakers to abide by all laws for which they create and/or enforce. We understand our police officers have discretion for traffic related offenses and will likely exercise such power to avoid any political fall-out. However, we find interactions between government officials and police to be a conflict of interest and hereby invoke our authority to issue citations and collect any associated fees or fines. Violations Speeding CO Ran Red light SMeeirina Fire Lane (Parking Handicapped (No Seatbelt Nr Front License Plate 1 Brett Samdecs aris, Texas resident and hhome owner, have reviewed the video evidence before me and have found Mayer Mahte Masa __ Guiry of rel PARKING — FIRE LANE on this 9” day of (V2UMbI. 2as: The aforementioned violations carry a penalty « $269 which can be made payable to FRISCO FAMILY SERVICES no later than December 31, 2015. We hope you understand the dilemma we face as citizens who don’t carry the same level of political pull as yourself. Even the ‘smallest of citations can cause members of our hard working community to have to take time off work, often unpaid, to attend court for hearings, and potentially a trial to avoid having their license suspended or additional points on their record. We don't believe government officials should be afforded such discretion in the law. There is a fine line between discretion and creating a weaponized system of law whereby officers can punish their political or personal enemies, while leting politicians such as yourself off the hook. Ultimately, we only wish to enforce crimes that have an associated victim. But until we evolve to a more logical enforcement system, \we must hold our elected officials accountable to very laws they enforce. Litt rnd — Date Issued: (7 /22/ 201 7