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Multicultural Research Project

English 9
Miss Gustafson
Research Question: What is life like in (chosen country) for people my

We are moving into our capstone research project which will tie in our focus
on multicultural studies throughout the year. We have examined multiple texts from
different countries and cultures that guided us to a deeper understanding of how
cultures shape us and what the similarities and differences are between various
ways of life. This project will give you a chance to apply our methods of critical
reading that emphasize design principles and author perspectives to understanding
texts from a country of your own choosing.
You may choose any country. There will be a sign-up sheet at the front of the
classroom with countries listed. Each student must choose a different country.
There will be no groups for this project. Once everyone has chosen a country we
will begin research.
We will have the Chromebook cart for the entire two weeks that you will be
working on this project in class. In our first session I will introduce you to some
Google tools that will help you refine searches, we will discuss search terms and
how to make them more efficient and I will introduce you to diigo, a site that will
help you organize and save all of your online sources. There will be flipped demos
of how to use these tools up on Blackboard for you to refer back to as well as
worksheets. Once you have the hang of searching, we will be discussing how to
annotate web sources. We will have a class discussion of annotating videos, blogs
and sites using our design and producer questions.

Your first section due will be an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is

similar to a traditional works cited in MLA, but each citation has a short paragraph summarizing the
content of the source and how helpful it was for you. We will do a practice paragraph in class
together. Each paragraph should be no shorter than 4 sentences and you should have at least 4
sources. You may add sources later on as you research, but they should be added to the final
bibliography with their own annotation paragraph.
Your second section due will be a combined mindmap and journal reflection. You may
use either online mindmaping such as Mindomo or your own hand-made map. We will discuss

mindmaping in class and you will be introduced to Mindomo (which is what the screen caps here
were made in). The journal writing should be a companion piece that tells me what youve found out
so far, what you still want to know, and what some overall conclusions youve drawn are.
Your final project will be EITHER: 1) a scripted speech that goes with a presentation
either on PowerPoint or another slideshow program or 2) a scripted iMovie. You should reflect
on what patterns and information you have found about your country. There should be a theme or
series of themes that ties your presentation and the things out you found together.

The presentation will be a live event that your families and friends will be invited to. It will
happen at 6pm (date) in the auditorium. At the time of the presentation you must have: the first
two sections turned in, a final annotated bibliography including any new sources, the script you wrote
in first and final draft, and your visual presentation.
You will also have a reflection due after the project consisting of 2 journal pieces. The
first should be a one page reflection on your research process. You should tell the story of how you
did your research, the choices you made and why. The second journal should be a one page
reflection on the project in general including what you learned, what you enjoyed and what you found
Items Due

Percent of Final Grade

Annotated Bibliography


Mindmap and Journal Reflection


Script (2 drafts)


PowerPoint or iMovie


Final Bibliography


Refection Journals (2)


Due Date


Google Tools
Reading a Google results page
1. On top of the page, Google gives ___________ that can
sometimes narrow your search.
2. On the right may be an ___________.
3. Some of the results on the top left may be _________ or



answer box


.gov sites are ____________ sites.

Wikipedia is good for_____________.
.org sites are made by ____________.
Country codes are used to identify _____ __________and are
good for ______________.


country of

organizatio authentic







Videos and Images

1. Images can be _____ by ______ __, __________ and ________.
2. Videos can be filtered by _______ and __________.
date made
copyright status




Producer Questions
1. Who made this?

2. Why was this made?

3. How was this made?


Design Questions
Things I notice

They make me think/feel