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October 4 WMI Lecture of herbal medicine

By Dr Lillian Chang
Memo of Herbal formula Lecture

Part I
Tea Base Formula

Main herb: Bai Bian Dou

Adjuvant: Bai Zhi, Gou Teng, Hong Hua (brightening), Mu Xiang, Tan Xiang,

Ground the herbs separately

Boil a cup of green tea water, first boil a cup of water and green tea and condense it to 70% cup.
Then second boil half cup of water of green tea and condense it to 30% cup. Mix the two tea
concoction together into one cup
Then boil the tea concoction and pour into herbal powders totally of 3 tablespoons
You adjust the fire from small to big of 18 times , this is the nine boiled concoction.
Add oil tea oil prefer
When all done add Tang San Fen
The Tang 3 Powers consist of Ling Fen, Ma Ti Fen and Tian Hua Fen
Then pour the Tang 3 powders into a 1/4 cup of cold water even stir separate cup and slowly stir to
boiling herb
Must stir very fast to avoil burn slowly and lower heat
Fore and back 18 times
Then storage cold for use
70% 30%


1/4 3


Part II

do you
This is
have it
days it
doesnt harm its good to your health not just to face because the formula itself helps to clean the
external and extends your spirit and its also a very facial stress confronting the environment.

Usually how do you take it off? You soak up warm you leaned down for the whole face on the
water it feels like a film best resolve it three towels in wet first just warm it up. Then all you can
do is peel the whole film from the side you have to have both kinds of appropriation then the
second towel gentle wash it out. It all takes time its no rush the third towel is really clean off

There is no harm to have it own after the three days, i use it my own and have this lecture. There is
very few people very allergic theyre even allergic to water .

This formula usually very good is not just for the face but also good for your hearth because the
whole formula is edible.

Now I will go all over again how to make this formula.

Step 1. You use green tea proportionally one cup of glass with three tablespoon of green tea
leaves. If its powder form of tea then you can use one and a half teaspoon of powder otherwise 3
tablespoon full of tea leaves dry
1 3 1.5

Boil the water to just about boiling, you pour the tea leaves into the boiling water. Lower the heat
then simmer it for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you have char stick or you can use wooden container
whatever you use to stir the tea you have to make it evenly and make the tea solve good. Then you
drain up the tea leaves and cook another time the second time you use only half amount of water.
Then you boil it down to 1/3 left the first is 7/10 left. Now two times you have a cup of the water
of green tea left.


1 70% 30%

One full cup, you use three tablespoons of the formula. The formula consists of Tanxiang,
Muxiang, Baizhi, Gouteng, Bai Biandou. The most important part of this formula the reason I tell
you do Tanxiang Muxiang at first its because they need to make each other to make chemical
change to produce a good smelling because the last ingredient Baibiandou is most important for
medicine, for face. The other part of the Tanxiang and Muxiang is more for chemical to make in so
that it helps to carry the Baizhi, Gouteng and make it into great formation the itself to make each
other support each other. So when all these herbs are ground into powder but not very smooth fine
powder. Its to be powder enough but you can feel it a little bit rough but its not very rough
Gouteng need to be ground much more refined because Gouteng has a hook that it can be hooky
so if you dont ground it up you want to make sure strain it out a little bit

You boil it I have one cup, i have two parts this is what i have to strain it over because my intern
didnt grind the gouteng refine to me so you can see the underneath part I just want to show you so
you can see the other part is final good to do your face

After the tea is being mixed and added up to one full cup, you bring it to a kind of boil (maybe I
set the temperature if the 9 highest i set it to 5.5) so warm but not too hot. At the meantime I
slowly dissolve the herbs product into the tea slowly stew with long until theyre all even if you
repeat high heat low heat 1 to 9 maybe i did a little higher so I just do a second only. It depends on
the stove I use a computerized stove for preparing the formula.
9 5.5
1 9 9

I prepare all my patients pill form powder form liquid form I use a lot of forms of herbs just to put
it control do all the computerized cooking its very accurate you can see its very clean and neat
because how you control the temperature in balance

The longer you do you can do only one time its only be last like three days if you do two times it
will last 10 days if you do three times it will last three months if you do 18 times it will last a year.
Thats how you do your work. So you have to really count how many times otherwise you can put
on your own timer remind yourself when to heat up when to get down otherwise you can buy
preservative organic material but i dont do that. I just do by hand. It can last a long time.
3 2
10 3 3 18 1

The next part you do is after that you get pretty good then you add oil on. I use premixed oil but
you cannot buy it here you can use just element oil. You need to add three tablespoons into the
herbs already down and up for 18 times, when you add it on make sure youre also continue to do
the same practice. The longer you do, your oil will be very heavy just you see my formula you
dont see oil. You know why? The herb absorbs everyone become harmony one. So three
tablespoons of oil you add on equal to same thing over thats why the oil is going to spill you have
to be very fast. But you can do any practice with herbs and help each other makes oil also water
alter that you have to wait up just for a second to 7 or 8 not maybe just a couple of seconds you
have to work very fast this is the technology because its all done by hand.

3 18

. 1 78

If you have machine, then you have worked the scientific development the whole production line i
can do that too because I set everything the program thats the way you want it but I want to teach
the method by hand so that you can use it tomorrow. You can do it yourself any production line is
very expensive but you can use that nothing just your own stove and water and herbs very small

When you raise it up its one of the success of that you have to do the Tang san fen, i.e. Tian hua
fen, Ling fen and Ma ti fen, you need to do that make into the whole water. Again three
tablespoons of the Tang san fen into about just less than a cup of water. Make the powder all the
Tang san fen in quickly with all the herbs raise up the temperature you have to be really fast to
drop this in thats why the second person could help and the third do all the shot. You need at
minimum three people but I do it all by myself including taking pictures this is a very critical part
of your success thats your million dollars that how youre going to do make sure its all product
you can see its all smooth evenly
3 1

So this is the part very critically important. Its when its high heat, so heating up changes
everything blend it together immediately continue stir slowly again until all of them come
perfectly. You want thicker you put more herbs. You want it mild add less but this is minimum I
use it for everybody.

The other part of course you wash your face clean again best for you to do this from hot towel to
cool towel so your pore of the skin open and clean up use your towel that makes your skin a really

For that reason, we use this part of practice so if you peel of the skin you just discard all the rough
ones but there is still many parts thats good i use just a pitch of salt you drop it to the water then
you can put your face into the water. So the good part you can see is down below and then on the
top part, you can actually use a nice flower blooming from your own yard. Its ok as soon as the
flower for instance outside there its called rice flower thats most suitable.

Chinese currently is the season Guihua thats one they make the wine. I think we have the Guihua
right here because we offer it every time when we do the ritual. Otherwise you can use Juhua and
mix it for the smell in life you can put fresh mint use the juice not the sharp part that may cut your
face. So you can use whatever remedy that you feel thats available in your garden so you can put
it inside.

So basically this is very easy to go everywhere in the world you just grow as well so after I do
that, so use this part first, to tell the body Im going to give the therapy

Again you can keep it cold put it on its only need a teaspoon and more later only your tablespoon
and after that you jut put on you can do this leaf half a room temperature it depends on your
patient life. If the patient is deficient heat up the herb until its warm if the patient is excess, make
sure you provide it cooler. Make sure cook and keep your remedy cool because we have no
chemical anything additive

Ok. Do you understand the whole production about what on your face today?

Q& A
Then when you make your formula in the end, you can use a little of anything concentrated
anything thats good from your garden for your collecting of them. This is the basic Tang dynasty

The rough salt is from mountain

Just use the regular water. In China people may use the well water if they live in mountains they

use the mountain water.

Three tablespoons total. But you can make 3 tablespoons each if you want to make a big formula.
This is just for 1 cup of the tea.
3 3
1 1 2 1
I use it myself once a month because its going to last 10 years. So once a month is good to do it
1-3 days keep you very healthy not only to keep you skin healthy keep you happy too so that you
dont get too grungy.
10 3

You add even dosage then you add Baibiandou double ~triple Baizhi double triple but the rest is
all the same. Baizhi take away all the information in the face anything that infection not clean and
Baibiandou is just for really deep root to pull them out and clean that thats why you do it alone
2~3 1

I dont use Honghua, only to make beauty color now because I have men and women at the same
time. So I dont want to look pink. We always do it in any formula.

You can treat any kind very difficult you might have asthma very hard to get rid of. If you have
skin problems oh they pay you anything just to make it look better. Pay you anything that means a
million dollars.

Formula #2
Then you have another guy wants to lose weight. He has a beautiful face but too hard to move big
belly. This makes your inside light, make internal beautiful. This helps and enhances your
immunity and very strong plant hormone to keep you young.

If youre old its dries out dries up is malnutrition all you get attentive problems men may have
prostate problems women have breast problems and all kinds of infected problems this is what I
treat for people any time for inflammatory keep your organs moist and young. Thats because its
very primal, you cannot eat a whole. This you have advanced your primal energy

When you do Xin Gan Shen, thats organic pulse. Then when you do Fei Pi Men, thats your
ancestor pulse When you did it internal it helps you treat with some people born infected they
dont have nice skin. Some people is born infected less fortunate they get tumor lumps.

This one you can help people on the skin on the area all you need is to do with a little of rough
salt. This is from mountain every effective. This is called pink salt from the mountain only need a
little bit. If you make it for medicine its a teaspoon for one palm of cactus.


You will put the salt in again for this one just a very little bit I add for a piece of that s to make
pickle. But if youre going to make medicine you have to add another time. Its a quarter of
teaspoon is to make medicine put it together you see how now its evenly laid.

Then youre going to have whatever you want to have a minimum dont waste. Chop it and do
your music. Once theyre done you stay like this. Youre going to make pickle you leave it for like
one hour. After that, its very simple, then you put rice vinegar, then put a tablespoon of organic
honey. I dont use sweet because make pickle I give away patient. So you can see that even the
juice is so clean it has been reused I dont know how many years. I just keep it going on like a
long time. You can see the remedy is very clean

Sometime I go to China a kind of look clear up get rid of its healthy for me I like something very

clean so then what I do just put it on put the salt on rob like this if you want more taste you just
add a little more salt you dont want another salt just this but never add too much. And a
tablespoon of rice vinegar

This is good rice vinegar always use very old vinegar 5, 10~ 25 years old.
You also can use plant to match this rice vinegar again one tablespoon to two and then its ready
for dinner. No water. When you mix, the water comes out. Of course I have a remedy for many
kinds so I just do many copies to save them.

Herbal formula 3
Let me give you an example I have so many items I have so many magical items I want to pass
this on. Now I want you to look at that theyre all different look but theyre from the same plant.
This one I said you made it. So I will tell my students you can meditate well this kind forever you
can make a pleasure, achievement you can just be yourself.

You is love because youre beautiful. Look how beautiful you are you want to look so pretty why?
Because there is many love. Im serious these three are from the same plant. You can pass on.

There are three guys. Sorry I have a lot to teach because I collect rare things. I talk to my plants. If
you dont believe you can come up and take a look at them. Theyre exactly present themselves
the way I want them to present themselves a very well display. There is a design of very
expensive jewelry you see the wide belt in the middle? Its very pretty. This is my jewelry.

Then there is a young patient gets a cancer so I have to go to my garden and I talked to them I got

this case I have this order which one of you can take the job?

So I will practice this magic herb into powder besides I give him two little packages he took one
all cured this is very little bit only together into one tablespoon I have applied over. Thats a final

Go ahead and look. Just pass on. This one in the middle this is a happy plant. This is called Maca
Ginseng Fruit. So I have fresh one. Its a fruit not the root.

So the one you pass on and come back see all the young ones. I told them how it be looking like .
The same to yourself if youre in love you will be look like that if you went miserable it looks like
the other one. I give you three fresh one theyre all from my garden. Its so fresh you can see it ,
you can see the belly button it just gives birth. Its so fresh if you see all three youll agree these
ones are in love. Its so pretty.

You think the rocks already take them light do that just set your meditating you dont die anymore.
You leave it now its crystalised become a jewelry thing. This is just for you to know that the dry
one is you can use. You can taste you can look, this is for you to look how beautiful they are. You
have to see all three its different.

Remember this teaching class I have nothing from any textbook there is not anywhere any
curriculum theyre only curriculum from my inherited.

When you get all three, good you see all three? Now you can tell which one is in love? Which one
is a millionaire which one is an ordinary person? Youll know any of that. You gotta to see all
three. Thats one in love you can see from the middle its yin yang its exactly in love .

Then if you want to balance yourself every so often the person only need one only for a right
operation for his cancer its so surprised he gets well I gave him two plants so it does a lot of
wonders how the chapters work and this immortal fairy comes in

And here the last part you study the five elements. This represents the five elements you have
elements of every kind. Just pass on there are four parts. They are my children in my garden. This
is a 5 element plant called Wuweizi.

Today youve learned 28 pulse, you tell the mixed one you take the pickle and now they make the
tea. I hope youve learned something today.

Part III
Its not for money its very important how youre able to use a very simple remedy. Can you
imagine you apply this own and you make it into powder for your cancer. Its only a small dosage.
So this is why think like this is important to that study

Then Im going to give you three herbs to never ever forget write down right now.

This important herb is Bai Zhu. The next herb is Du Huo. And continue on Jiang Huo. If you want
to be a doctor you should never forget these three herbs it can help you the whole life. Put in the
jar forever in your show. Never ever forget these three dry herbs. Never forget about cactus, never
forget about Wu Wei Zi, then you get it for today its very worthy to attend this class

Its written on your package. I dont care what level youre at now, you must learn these three
herbs you must learn cactus and Wu Wei Zi. Youre one million dollars by understanding these


Baizhu is very fundamental herb of Chinese doctor what it does is to repair all of damaged organs,
bones, nerves it will repair all the damages your main organs including your bones and your nerve
system that means any kind of pain and damages injuries. You must learn about Baizhu for all of
your level look up also materia medica you have to send me a report thats the main one.

Then you want to separate one is called Qiang Huo, one is called Du Huo. Whats Qiang Huo,
Qiang (Jiang) is named after Jiang Taigong who is a magical master in the Zhou Dynasty they help
the king lasted the dynasty 1000 years, the longest dynasty in the Chinese culture civilization for
1000 years. No dynasty ever lasted so long its due to the study of Jiang Tai Gong. So Jiang Huo
means it helps you eliminate all the problems get the huo means alive get your life back normal
with the help of Jiang Taigong.


Du Huo is a very sophisticated scholar and doctor people like Sun Simiao he lived 123 and
studied medicine from 45. All your textbooks are just about written by him. That herb is made
after him.
123 45

So one is after Zhou dynasty one after Tang dynasty and then the Bai Zhui it s blessing from the
heaven. Bai means white is limitless thy sky of pure also you die you see a right life helps you
back to your liferevive your life or longevity, repair all the damaged injury completely

Take forms 1 ~10, 10 ~15, beyond 10. You must remember these three herbs or you cannot be a
herbalist. You might as well never study herbs. You just waste all the time just follow whatever
you waste so much natural resource because the book says so you take that. You know just a part
of in the wok you cannot get a patient I tell you one die have everything spoil on wok you get the
three herbs you get the Wu Wei Zi you get my pickle this is all everything youre not only have all
the patient you will have all the patients you dont want.
1 10 10 15 10

I want you to survey more than your witness the reason Ive kept my practice because I treat
infants I tell you the truth. I close my eyes to the needling much faster than you look at it. But I
dont need to look. But its ok if youre going to learn that. Its how you learn it.

So you learn the three herbs. Baizhu is from top to the bottom all to repair together then you add
Jianghuo the upper part of the body, then you add Duhuo the bottom part of the body, so you
should have three jars. Then you can have one over all add 1,2,3, all in here so they treat a lot of
damages cancers many.

So what do you do powder it to prepare into so many different forms. Youll write to me about
your critical thinking how you exercise and what you set this discovery. If you dont write to me
you dont make its not my fault. Somebody is lazy. You have to be very dedicated in medicine.
There is no medicine just chew that . It takes a lot of research take a lot of dedication a lot into it.
You take a lot of your life to be good, to becomes a good doctor.

Each time you dont pay attention so always very attentive I want every hour of my lecture be in
your life. Its I take medicine very serious I just mention to prepare for this class it tests a lot
thats why I give this class more than just 8 hours credits no way. Nobody can pay me enough for
the knowledge I try to pass on to you. Its really precious. When you get that its also priceless for

So in the wine and powder I make a pill a form a capsule and all forms you only need to take a
little. If you put so much boil into the water whatever more than you need waste too much. I hate
to view that. Make effective formulas, make effective treatment make appreciation of your patient
tell you oh I feel so good after your treatment .I feel so good after take your herbs.

Ok after all of this its a seed a plant you can take it home. You put into your pot itll grow because
its very fresh when its very fresh its 99%. Next year 50 % year before that 25 % , three years
before 10% . After too old didnt grow.

50% 3 25% 4 10%
Part IV
Huai Shen, whats Huai? If youre pregnant its called Huai Yun. Huai Shen means give birth of

Huai is a very sophisticated language it has a special purpose from mission in it. Sometimes it
cannot be translated because of two different cultures two separate languages. Huai is just beyond
the translation. Thats why they call it Shanyao mountain young. But it isnt enough to explain
what it is

So there is a river called Huaihe in China its a river protects life in a blessing life. Huaishen is a
blessing life. So this river gives life to the nourishment especially for those need it it s very
delicious kind.

If a person has a diabetes then this Huaishen the plant hormone is very rich there are two kinds of
diabetes give a pancreas cancer pancreas problems You have type I and type II. Youve already
know this I wouldnt go detail. But let me just make this story short.

So Type 1 youre born with, Type 2 your lifestylethats in the pancreas poisoning the excess of
fat, sugar whatever eaten it pains unable to produce proper insulin so it leads all the sugar to the

In the ancient time, how do we know you have diabetes? You just go for stump usually on the cane
so great sugar you have very scientific you know only drop in blood nothing nothing they just to
abound to the corner thats why you have sugar in urine

The the good thing about the diabetes is the medication is made from plant. The current
medication program of diabetes is made from plant. If you study herbal medicine, current there is
a lot of funding from pharmaceuticals company, a lot of investment looking into plant herbal
based medicine trying to get rid of too many bad infected complaints. So study herbal medicine is
good one of the revolution from pharmaceuticals companies at least you take a little pill in the
morning before breakfast

Then there is another new type of diabetes in brain. Thats the latest research thats the frontal part
of secretion of the brain when you have so much different chemical made. This will cause
Alzheimer's, from dementia, mild dementia to Alzheimers eventually to forget who you are not
even to say you recognize your family your friends your colleagues no longer you remember
anything you even dont remember what you do just five minutes ago. You dont remember
nothing because of your brain diabetes.

So this is why I have two plants today cactus that works on that and then Huaishen will work on
all degrees of diabetes. One works for the sugar here or not here one with pancreas control. One is
the dementia, Alzheimers herb thats a big deal thing.

Thats why I said if you study underneath you will be a millionaire. Can you imagine you can do
those things? Do you know how many people have this Alzheimers problem nowadays all is
coming up bigger rapidly. So this is one of the superb food I really want to introduce

Then now how you eat it? The same thing there are many ways to eat it. The way I eat it as make
sure the way on ground become very strong I will take strength with it very strong plant hormone
when its warm this one is only I practice that then you can make many formula out of that. This
helps repair the brain upstate that takes care of all the organs

There are two brains we call Dantian the second brain and Yongquan the third brain. So I have all
three food for from the brain the top that one in the middle and this in the bottom

So you study the medicine today you have to be very appreciated hearing the class because it
helps very difficult cases very difficult diseases.

So you peel off the skin I cannot find the skin to make facial because more people are allergic to
it. This one very hardly maybe you can see thats still mild maybe like 1%. But the other one
maybe 50% you can take use for face. That skin cannot cook.

So slightly cook only when the water boil dump in and turn it off takes only 1 minute so you dont
lost this one we only peel off .

Dont look down little things it changes just let you know when you do the right thing everything
changes in your life. So you can use this in any soup you are vegetarian just take tofo thats fine if
youre not you can put chicken whatever you like

Its a good amount of plant for people have diabetes you will be so surprised three months later
have this person take tests 540 now just 93 sugar no medication

540 93
Okra is also very good one of the diabetes food I lectured okra on the last term.

So these particular plants are really called superb food. If you realize that the knowledge you
accumulate in the class is not enough you have to practice that means you have to eat yourself and
you have to prescribe and have your patient get rid of sugar and heal diabetes its really very very


This patient not only have diabetes but also have colon cancer and other thing I also treat him now
hes 70. The last example one day I wake up early in the morning I saw his phone call left a
message hes wedding. Ive still kept the message because his figure became slim and he got
married so married a very beautiful wife 69. Thats a good story because sometimes you think ow

70 69
if you have a patient tell them get rid of all the diabetes products give more colorful food eat more
fresh content do some exercise follow acupuncture treatment get little herbal therapy soon they
will become very healthy and get married again.

I want you to write a report study more what we did today on the three herbs Baizhu, Qianghuo
and Duhuo because this will make you very valuable practitioner once you go over the memory
now you research on these three herbs that are listed in your materia medica textbook.

Today I give the herbal therapy ,do a little message and then the three herbs and then the superb
food so the Baizhu is good from the top to the bottom thats the main herb. Qianghuo is for upstate
Duhuo is for downstate from waistline you may put your hand on it separates the south and north,
the bottom is north the top is south. So above south is Qianghuo below is Duhuo. So how do you
do that? You buy one pound or whole pound each you stew them in high percentage rice wine you
only take a little bit after a meal just a small little tea cup. Thats good for your total repairing of
all organs bones improving your nerve system

1 1

Then another way to do it is to ground up each herbs separately if youre more on the up add more
on the top if youre more on the bottom add the herb more on the bottom Qianghuo is upstate
Duhuo is downstate Baizhu is the whole body. Grind it into powder mix with the dates you steam
the dates peel of the skin you roll it into the herbs to make peels You also can buy a machine and
you down the whole thing and mix it so you can do a little investment for smart business I can
make by hand

You can take 5-7 pills as much a day in the morning. Or you make a little bit bigger like a grape
size and then you do the same thing you wrap it into rice paper make it look nice then you can sell
it to your patient to your prescription

You can also make tea of course thats most waste way you can make the formula and brew tea
and drink and you have to do a lot more. Its expensive for the patient

Chant the 28 Pulse Song

Fu Chen Chi Shu Xu Shi Hua,

Se Chang Duan Hong Wei Jin Huan,
Xuan Kou Ge Lao Ru Ruo San,
Xi Fu Dong Cu Jie Dai Ji