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DRAFT Saturday, November 16,2015, DOWNTOWN Downtown Goal: Strengthen Adams's downtown by making it a vibrant, attractive, and mixed-use destination that is active throughout the week and into the evening. Sub-goal D1 Increase the number of housing units in the downtown and in neighborhoods within a 5 minute walk (approximately % mile) of downtown. (See also Sub-goal H3) ‘Action D1.1 Participate in the State’s Smart Growth Overlay District program (40R) by identifying locations for higher density residential and/or mixed-use housing development. Action D1.2 Consider establishing a Payment-in-Lieu-of-Parking program ‘Towna price per space in exchange for a reduction in some required o1 developers to pay the fe parking spaces. Funds er density residential or Jams. (see also H1.4) Action D1.3 Continue to actively seek out a developer mixed- use project in the downtown to demonstrate the pote ‘Sub-goal D2 Encourage residents and visitors to come to do} ‘Action D2.1 Develop a downtown Adams marketing plan jideratinr should be what should be the Downtown’s “brand” to make it distinctive, iid be the natural audience for ‘marketing, how can events assist in creatit 1, where should signage be added/modified. ‘Action D2.2 Consider creating a local Chamb& town. (see also C3.2 and ED1.2) ‘Action D2.3 Run a “Shop Local” campaign to end ‘Adams. (see also ED1.3) Action D2.4 Continue to Consider increasing the change of use a ditional parking beyond what exists today (ex. Somerville), a payment-in- liew-of-parking p bicycle parking in lieu of parking. Action 03.3 Consider jedestrian-oriented uses along specific blocks of Park Street and Summer Street so ground floor spaces cannot be converted into residential or other uses that do not support pedestrian activity in tNe Downtown. (ex. Somerville pedestrian-oriented uses provisions and map.) ‘Action D3.4 Continue working with groups like ProAdams and others on projects such as “pop up” art galleries. (see also A2.1) Action D3.5 Partner with local artists to place artwork in the windows of vacant storefronts. ‘Action D3.6 Closely review retail leakage data (e.g,, how many dollars Adams residents spend outside of town for goods and services) to determine a few particular types of businesses that would be desired by / Actively seek out such businesses and encourage them to open in Adams. Create a petition to gather resident signatures so that potential businesses know they will be supported.