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American Expansion in the Age of Imperialism

Explain the United States using the following question words:
Industrial Revolution:___________________________________________
Maps Activity:
You have three options.
1. Using a classroom textbook map or the map on the wall, complete
questions 12. Using, complete question 13. Using create an interactive timeline completes questions 1Write in the URL for the timeline:
1. Label the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico on your map.
2. The United States wanted to limit Britains expansion in North America so it purchased Alaska
from Russia in 1867.
a. Label Alaska, the date it was added and why it was added on your map.

3. In the 1800s it was difficult for ships to travel all the way across the Pacific Ocean without
refueling. The USA occupied the Midway Islands in 1867 so that ships could refuel between the
USA and Asia.
a. Label the Midway Island, the date they were added, and why they were added to your map.
4.In 1899, the Somoan Islands were divided between the USA and Germany for ships to refuel
a. Label American Samoa, the year it was added, and why they were added to your map.
5. The Spanish-American War marked the rise of USA as a world power. The USA supported
Cuba in its bid for independence and self-determination in 1898. The USA won the Philippines,
Guam, and Puerto Rico in 1898.
a. Label Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico, the year they were added, and why to your
6. The USA occupied the uninhabited Wake Island as an emergency landing strip in 1899.
a. Label Wake Island, the year it was added and why to your map.
7. American businesses wanted power in Hawaii so the USA government took over the islands
by removing its leader, Queen Liliuokalani, in 1898.
a. Label the Hawaiian Islands, the year they were added and why to your map.
8. Travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean required going around the tip of South
America which took a lot of time. The USA supported Panama in its fight for independence from
Colombia in 1903. In return, Panama allowed the USA to build the Panama Canal connecting the
Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and shortening travel time.
a. Label the Panama Canal, when it was added, and why to your map.
9. America was increasing its influence in China and Japan during the Age of Imperialism. By
adding these islands, travel to Asia was faster and easier for both military and trade reasons.