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Harrington 1

Kevin Harrington
Mrs. Raymond
UWRT 1103 -E02
October 13, 2015
Ireland History
My family can be traced back to heavy Irish roots, so I decided to complete this writing
prompt on the country Ireland. The Irish Flag consists of three vertical stripes, in order from left
to right the colors are green, white, and orange. The green symbolizes the Irish Catholics and the
republican cause, the orange stands for Irish Protestants, and the white represents hope for peace
between the two groups. This flag was first created in March of 1848, by Thomas Francis
Meagher, although at the time the stripes were organized differently. The orange was chosen to
represents the Protestants because of William of Orange, William of Orange defeated King James
II, Who was a Roman Catholic, and secured protestant dominance over the Island. The green was
chosen to represent the Irish catholic nationalists because green represents revolution, and an
earlier unofficial Irish flag had a green backdrop with a gold harp on it. The only main augment
that occurred with this flag was the rearranging of the order and orientation of the stripes
The national anthem of Ireland is called Amhran na bhFiann, this tune was first written in
1907, but accepted as the national anthem in 1926. The national anthem had changed a few times
before finally ending up how it is now. In 1916 the song was first sang by troops in the Easter
day parade, until this point the song was fairly unheard of. The national anthem before this was a
song called God Save the King, that is until the Irish Free State was established in 1922, at
which point the anthem changed again to God Save Ireland (White).

Harrington 2

I would be able to become an Irish citizen if I decided to do so. Ireland allows dual
citizenship so I would be able to be both a US citizen and an Irish citizen. I would need to go
through the naturalization process if I wanted to become an Irish citizen. The naturalization
process includes, being over the age of 18, unless married to a Irish citizen. A background check
is required and your criminal record history must be presented. You must reside in the country
for a period of at least 365 days, and in the 8 years previous to that have lived at least 4 of them
in the country, 5 years total residence in Ireland are required (Citizens Information). It is also
required of you that you make a declaration of fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the state
(Becoming an Irish Citizen through Naturalization).

Harrington 3

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