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Andrew Soelter

1319 30th Street

Des Moines, IA 50311
(507) 236-0067

Drake University: Des Moines, IA
Graduation December 2015
B.S in Education endorsed in all Social Sciences

Professional Experience
Student Teaching Experience
Southeast Polk High School 9th Grade U.S. History / assisting in AP
U.S. History
o Lesson Planning and collaborative Curriculum planning
o Full time teaching 12 weeks with 2 full units
o Classroom management growth and development
Practicum Experience
North High School 10th Grade Math spring 2015
o Taught one full day of lessons
o Demonstrated gradual release technique during class
North High School 9th Grade Math fall 2014
o Taught three separate lessons
o Incorporated differentiation in lessons based on student
Harding Middle School 7-8th grade Math Fall 2013
o Taught two lessons on plotting points on graphs and
identifying slope
Stilwell Junior High School 8th Grade Social Studies Fall 2012
o Taught three class periods of a lesson experimenting with
interactive lectures

Volunteer Experience

football coach for Southeast Polk High school

community service projects
15+ Hours of community service during each Semester

Leadership and Awards

Theta Chi Social Fraternity

o Executive position for 1 year
o Intermural coordinator for 2 years
o Risk Manager 2 years

ETS Recognition of Excellence for scoring in the top 15% Fall

2015 Praxis 2
Deans list Spring 2015