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1. Your Gender?
(a) Male



2. Your age group?

(a) 15-20 years

(b) 21-25 years

(c) 26- 30 years


31-35 years

3. Your education level?

(a) Up to 10th


(c) Graduate/Diploma


Up to 10+2
Post graduate and above

4. Your Occupation?
(a) Service



(c) Business


Home maker

(e) Self-employed Professional



5. Your annual household income?

(a) Less than 2 Lac


(c) 5-10 Lac


6. Do you know Cadbury?

(a) Yes

(b) No

7. Do you buys Cadbury's chocolate?

(a) Yes
(c) Can't say

(b) No

2-5 Lacs
Above 10 Lacs

8. If yes, then why Cadbury?

(a) Taste

(b) Quality

(c) Price

(d) Availability

9. If no, then why not?

(a) Price

(b) Health conscious

(c) Taste

(d) Can't say

10. How do you feel about Cadburys chocolate?

(a) Good
(C) Neutral

(b) Very Good

(d) Bad

11. According to you who is the main competitor of Cadbury?

(a) Ferrero rocher
(c) Amul

(b) Nestle
(d) Others

12. Which brand of chocolate do you like most?

(a) Cadbury
(c) Amul

(b) Nestle
(d) Others

13. According to you which brand chocolate price rate is high?

(a) Cadbury

(b) Nestle

(c) Amul



14. Which Cadbury Chocolate do you like the most?

(a) Dairy milk

5 star

(b) Perk
(d) Bournville

(e) Others
15. If a particular brand of Cadbury Chocolate is not available at a
particular shop, then what will you prefer.....
(a) Buying any other Brand Chocolate
(b) Going to other shop and asking for the same Brand
(c) Do not buy a chocolate and prefer buying some other product

(d) Any other, please specify...............................................................

16. Any Suggestions: