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Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

326 South Main Street

Franklinton, NC 27525
Where the Joy of Lord is our strength

Weeping may endure but for a night, but Joy cometh

in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

Jesus Paid It All!

Maybe we should confess that
one reason we find it so hard to
set selfishness aside and adopt
the spirit of a servant is that
were driven by dreams of
success. We want to be
Face it; we live in a successsaturated society. Right next to
the books applauding our

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

selfishness are dozens of

bestsellers telling us how we
can be more successful. Dozens
of books and magazines every
year, along with scores of DvDs
and hundreds of seminars, offer
new ideas and new motivation
techniques that have the
promise of prosperity. Success
is big business; no wonder
thinking like servants is so hard.

Curiously, however, few ever

address what most folks want
but seldom find in their pursuit
of success: contentment,
fulfillment, satisfaction, and
relief. On the contrary, the
roads that are supposed to lead
to success are not only rocky;
theyre maddening. As the
Executives Digest once reported
and what formula is that? Work
longer hours, push ahead, let
nothing hinder your quest- not

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

your marriage or family, not

your convictions or conscience,
not your health or friends. Be
aggressive and, if necessary,
mean, as you press toward the
top. You got to be smart, slick,
and sly if success is the bottom
line of your agenda. Its the
same old fortune-fame-powerpleasure line weve been fed for

At the risk of sounding ultrasimplistic, Id like to offer some

counsel that stands 180
degrees in contrast to all the
above. My suggestions will
never appear in the Wall street
journal as part of the Harvard
business school curriculum, but
they do represent a philosophy
supported in Scripture.

you, clothe yourself with

humility toward one another, for
God is supposed to be proud,
but gives Grace to the humble.
Therefore humble yourselves
under the Mighty hand of God,
that he may exalt you to the
proper time, casting all your
anxiety on Him, because He
cares for you (1 Peter 5:5-7)

You younger men, likewise, be

subject to your elders, and all of

These verses address three

crucial realms related to true

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

success: authority, attitude, and

anxiety. And the best part of all
this: following Gods directives
will bring one benefit not found
in the worlds empty promises-a
deep sense of lasting

Its what we could call the

forgotten side of success. And I
would add that it is the success
that will come to those who
wish to develop the heart of a
The worlds formula for success
lacks a deep sense of lasting
Elder Melvin E. Marrow

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

you cant
trace him

I woke up
early one
morning searching for a
scripture to read and he led me

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

to Psalms 91:2 I will say of

the Lord he is my refuge
and my Fortress, my God in
him will I trust. Then the Lord
began to speak to me and he
said, trust me when you cant
trace me Psalm 91 is about
trusting God and acknowledging
that he is our refuge. Terrible
things may be happening to you
and danger may be around us
on every side; but God wants us
to know that he is in control and

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

will keep his hands on us.

Trusting God means that you
are totally relying on him and
his son Jesus Christ. Trusting
God doesnt mean that we
wont go through periods where
we say Where are you God Im
reminded of the scripture
Hebrews13:5 for he hath
said, I will never leave thee
nor forsake thee, When we
pray to our heavenly father
concerning something we want

him to do and say in Jesus name

and say amen we must
understand that what we
prayed for we may not receive
right away all the time. God
does things according to his
will; and he gives us what we
need but he doesnt always give
us what we want when we want
it. When Jesus was getting
ready to face his biggest
challenge he said in Luke
22:42: father if you are

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

willing remove this cup from

me: nevertheless not my
will but thine will be done.
I leave you with this be
encouraged in the Lord.
Remember that you are still
alive and that is something to
praise God about. The Lord is
not through with you yet.
Trust him when you cant trace
God Bless you;

Deacon Christopher Tatum

He is love
Love; is a simple word with a
complex meaning. It is a word
used to describe a feeling, a
state of being, and even a
desire to want. Love can be
used as a verb an adjective and
a noun, Love defined in
Websters dictionary as; a

tender, passionate affection for

another person.

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

There are many terms used

when describing love, falling in
love, first love, unconditional
and undying love. All of which
we have either experienced or
have tried to give. But the type
of Love that I want to tell you
about is the one all of us
receive all the time and only
few of us are able to recognize
it. That Love is Agape the love
of God that he shows towards
us each and every day. This
love his son Jesus revealed to

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

us when he died on the cross.

The kind of love that doesnt
come with conditions, it cant
be taken away by anything that
you or I could ever do or say. It
is intentional, it is meant to be
given. This love is God, of God
and is given only by God. John
3:16 It covers, it forgives and
is forgiving. 1 Peter 4:8 it
seals. It always protects,
always trust, always, always
perseveres 1 Corinthians
13:7. It heals

Luke 4: 40. It is patient, is

kind, does not envy 1
Corinthians 13:4-7. This love
unlike ours it never fails, it will
be forever. This love was
beaten, spit on and hung on a
cross where he shed his blood
and died. This love was first
given to us. We cant escape it
because he will never leave or

We would love to have you

come and worship with us.

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

forsake us. And wherever he is,

there his love is also
So if you want to know what
true love is ; give Jesus a
chance to show how much he
loves you.
Stephanie Gentry

Sunday School 10:00 am

Worship service 11:15

Christopher Tatum, Deacon

Elder John Douglas Joyner,
Senior Pastor
Elder Melvin E. Marrow

Lady Quadrayyah Joyner

Stephanie Gentry,

Lady Francine D. Marrow

John 3:16


Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

for God so loved the world, that he gave

his only begotten son, that whosoever

believeth in him should not perish, but

hath everlasting life

God knows all things,

there isnt anything
that either of us can
do or say that will
come as a surprise to
him. He is aware of
how we live and the

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

things that we have

gone through, he
knows what will
happen in the next
phase of our lives. He
knows of the pain that
we have suffered and
the tears we have
cried. He knows of our

every desire, our

needs and wants.
Jesus knows of the
struggles we all have
to face and for that he
gave his life so we
can be free to live
with the joy, peace,
hope and love that

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

can only be found in

All of our mistakes,
are forgiven. There is
nothing that will ever
keep him from loving
you or me. He wants
to bless our lives.

There isnt a
brokenness that he
cant mend, there
isnt a mountain he
cant move, there
isnt a heart he cant
heal, there isnt a
situation that he has

Morning Joy Ministries Inc.

not provided a way

out. Christ knows.
Jesus has the strength
to take all of your
worries, fears, doubts
upon his shoulders.

God bless you, we hope that we can encourage you through the
word of God and all that we have to come to know of him, that
LIFE is worth living, and living is in HIM.


Morning Joy Ministries Inc.