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Rosie Morrison

U.S. History, 11th Grade

2nd Period, 44 minutes

Commented [R1]: Using the video enabled me to vary

my instructional strategy. There are certain topics that
are easiest to give the facts first in lecture form and
then wresting with the questions posed by the
information. The causes of the Civil War is a topic that
can be wrestled with even if I havent lectured on it
which is why this set of videos is an excellent use of
disseminating facts while still having a discussion and
thinking critically about the information.

Unit 3Causes of the Civil War

This whole week we are looking at the causes of the civil war. Today we will be looking
at the political, economic and social causes of the civil war and problematize the videos
surrounding the cause of the civil war.

Commented [R2]: Lesson planning is one area I really

struggle in and I often completely scrap a lesson and
go back to the drawing board the day before that
lesson. I want my lessons to be engaging, deep
thinking lessons that students enjoy. My juniors are
mature enough that there is little content that I hold
backthey can handle finding out Columbus was a
jerk and that Jackson ordered the first sanctioned
genocide in the US. Our curriculum goals include
forward thinking work and making sure to get to
modern day history by the end of the year. This means
we are flying through topics and that we have to pick
the most important things we want students to
remember about that unit. My students specifically are
excited when we look at shocking facts as they put it.
They really engage when they are being taught
something that theyve never heard before and that
challenges their preconceived ideas of a topic.
Columbus is a great example of thiswhen we started
talking about Columbus being a bad guy, they were
floored but hugely engaged. I try to give them that
same experience with the most vital information from a
unit, such as the causes of the Civil War from this unit.

Essential Question: Could the Civil War have been stopped? Was slavery the only cause
of the civil war?
The civil war was caused by political and social movements all around slavery
Students will watch video and have discussion about the causes of the Civil War.
CC.8.5.11-12.G: Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in
diverse formats and media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, as well as in words) in order to
address a question or solve a problem.
2. (VA Historical Society)
3. (John Green video)

Commented [R3]: By introducing multiple sources of

video, I gave students multiple perspective from
different directors and writers. The ultimate goal was to
have students think harder about the causes of the
Civil War instead of having me tell them that there are
multiple opinions around this subject. This is critical in
the field of history because every source or book read
is an opinion on facts gathered and I want my students
to understand that concept. I gave them the facts and
asked them to answer the central historical question,
Was slavery the only reason for the Civil War?, in
order to have students look at the Civil War in a
different lens.

Do Now: Do you think the Civil War could have been stopped? (7 mins)
1. Alex and Terell give their Spoken Word piece (4 mins)
2. Causes of the Civil War videos: (20 mins)
1. First #1 video then stop to discuss CHQ (8 mins)
2. #2 video then stop to discuss CHQ (6 mins)
3. #3 video then stop to discuss (6 mins)
4. Students will look to answer central historical questions (CHQ): I will
model notetaking on the board at the same time
A. Could the Civil War been stopped?
B. Was the Civil War only about slavery?
5. Students will take notes to answer the question

Commented [R4]: I have many different kinds of

learners in my classroom which is why I like using the
videos because the picture and audio reinforce each
other. At the same time, I am modeling note taking on
the front board for students who are struggling to keep
up with the video. We watched the videos more than
once in order to reinforce the content and give students
who process at a different pace the chance to catch
things them may have missed.

CLOSURE: Whip- Causes of the Civil War?

Secondary Education Handbook


ACCOMMODATIONS I will be modeling and writing on the board while we

discuss and watch the movie
Discussion and final Whip of information around the room
I thought this lesson went really well. After every video we stopped to discuss giving
students a chance to assess their notes and answer the Central Historical Question (CHQ).
It was great to listen to them nuance their answers after watching the second video and
then the third. They all had different opinions and were able to articulate those differing
opinions very well. Overall I was very pleased with the lesson, I think if I were to try to
improve it for next time, I would do a written exit ticket just to make sure all students,
and not just those who spoke, understood the concepts.

Secondary Education Handbook