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The Separation of Church

and State Op-Ed

By Enrique Romero

The government of the United States needs to take a stance based on

the good for all citizens and must reject any law based on religious
beliefs. There needs to be a clear line of separation between church
and state in order to have more social equality that benefits all
citizens. Because of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,
people have the right to follow, practice, or worship any religion they
want. This has caused a surge of different religions rising through out
the country. The First Amendment prohibits government from
establishing a state religion and thus religious basef policies would be
violating the constitution and the rights of the citizens. There are
close to 320 million people in the United States who do not share the
same religious beliefs.

Religious based
policies will do much
more harm than good
to population of this
great country. Biased
legal systems would
rise through out the
entire country whom
would not uphold the
civil rights of all
citizens first and
foremost. A clear line
of separation is
needed to maintain
neutrality and
equality by the
government for all
citizens. Government
officials and
employees should
implement some type
of code or rules that
will set a mindset of

Earlier this year a sworn county clerk of Rowan, Kentucky refused to

do her job of issuing marriage licenses to same sex-couples, after
the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled in the case of Obergefell v.
Hodges,576 U.S.(2015), holding that the basic right to marry is
guaranteed to same-sex couples under both the Due Process Clause
and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution. By not having a line of separation, Ms. Davis has
allowed her personal beliefs to get in the way of her performing her
sworn duty to the people of the United States and thus violated and
harmed the rights of her fellow citizens by disobeying a direct ruling
of the Supreme Court.

When a person is a
government official, this
person is sworn to protect the
unalienable rights given to
every citizen of this country
by the law of the land. The
Declaration of Independence
says that the people of this
country have the right to
dispose and replace the
government when it fails to
secure the civil rights of the
people. The public good
should always come first to
all public officials, who have
been sworn to uphold the
rights of the people. Your
personal beliefs should
always be left at home when
those beliefs might prevent
you from performing your
civil duty. Based on the
foundation of our country, we
need a separation of church
and state through a law that