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Pure Pwnage Final

Pure Pwnage Final

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Case Study - Pure Pwnage
Case Study - Pure Pwnage

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Published by: SJBrown on Mar 29, 2010
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 Pure Pwnage [Pure Ownage] is an internet distributed, mockumentary series from ROFLMAO Productions.  The series is filmed primarily in Toronto but has also included scenes filmed in Calgary, Montreal, and the Netherlands.  Pure Pwnage follows the life and adventures of Jeremy, a Canadian self-proclaimed PRO GAMER!

Mockumentary - (also known as a mock documentary) is a genre of film and television in which fictitious events are presented in a nonfiction or documentary format; the term can also refer to an individual work within the genre. Such works are often used to analyze or comment on current events and issues by using a fictitious setting.

‡ ‡ ‡ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Pwnage Pure Pwnage is made by a production group called ROFLMAO. Pure Pwange is funded by the Canadian government, since they went mainstream last month. The company that own Pure Pwnage, Showcase also have an exclusive licence to broadcast only within the US border. I have been researching, and have found a forum where a fan actually talks to a series creator and gets the in depth details of how it all works. http://purepwnage.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t96468.html Unfortunately, I am unable to find a webiste that suggests why Pure Pwnage was made, however, at purepwnage.com I found this rather, interesting motto:

‡ ‡

‡ The only show on TV that doesn't lick balls.

Pure Pwnage launched in 2004 and quickly became familiar with the widespread fan base of games such as;  Counterstrike  Red Alert 2  World Of Warcraft

Pure Pwnage has a current viewer base of over 3 million.  Episodes are uploaded to the website in an ad-hoc fashion and to this day, eighteen episodes have been made.  As the series is filmed in a number of locations across America, the initial audience fan base would start in the USA.

However, I believe Pure Pwnage also appeals strongly worldwide. This is because Pue Pwnage has a very vivid focus, GAMING!  Therefore, gamers (usually aged 15 to 25) will always be interested in viewing material which creates banter inside their own culture.

Web 2.0 has allowed Pure Pwnage to thrive dramatically. To begin, without Web 2.0, online gaming would not be as common as it is today, therefore, Pure Pwnage as an idea would not exist.  By using Web 2.0, Pure Pwnage has hosted its videos online, allowing viewers to discuss, send and contribute ideas to the producers as new episodes are made.

The production techniques used for Pure Pwnage allow episodes to be filmed, edited and published quickly.  Tools such as FinalCut Express and iMovie allow quick, high quality editing to be done, making smaller series such as PP cheap and easy to make.

Pure Pwnage uses Web 2.0 effectivly when distributing their image.  Pure Pwnage has an official: 

Website ± www.purepwnage.com  Myspace  Facebook  Youtube Channel

360 Degree Saturation 
Pure Pwnage really does dominate all ends of the market.  Pure Pwnage has its own clothing brand, merchandise and many other products which advertise the show.

The Future 
Pure Pwnage has recently become commercial.  On August 6, 2009, it was announced that a Pure Pwnage TV series had been commissioned by Showcase.  The TV series premiered March 12, 2010.

The Future 
Due to Showcase commissioning Pure Pwnage, the likely outcome seems to be less dependence on Web 2.0.  This is because companies, such as Showcase are likely to aim for revenue, rather than create shows for the passion they have... If they have one!  However, Web 2.0 will still maintain the role of an online clothing catalogue for Pure Pwnage merchandise and still host re-runs of new series which viewers missed.

The Long Tail Theory (Chris Anderson) 
Pure Pwnage as a text supports the Long Tail Theory. This is because the theory suggests that due to web 2.0, we as an audience ³consume more of less´. Therefore, because Pure Pwnage is only one of thousands of online series, it is likely that 21st century audiences will not just only view one online TV series.

Web 2.0 (David Gauntlet) 
³Films used to be split as good films and rubbish films but now all films are appreciated´  This theory supports Pure Pwnage because as stated above; all films are now appreciated.  ³New media technology used to be an option, but now nobody has a choice because everybody else uses it and nobody would be able to here all the views´.  To a certain extent, Pure Pwnage can be seen as political too. Therefore, this statement from the theory also applies;  ³All the above has stopped the believe that politics can brain wash us´.

Pure Pwnage runs the risk of being prosecuted for copyright issues when displaying in-game footage during episode broadcasts.  Although this is copyright infringement, game companies usually tend to ignore the possible prosecutions, as Pure Pwnage is a key catalyst in the advertisement for games.  For example; an episode showing ³Counterstrike´ ± People go ³Wow, that looks awesome´. Thus, they buy the game.  Pure Pwnage may also raise issues to do with privacy. As Pure Pwnage yet again displays in game footage, other strangers playing the game may have their ³tag´ or ³gamertag´ displayed in an episode.  Therefore, that certain player experiences violation as in some cases, Pure Pwnage will show ³nooby´ players, and that could be YOU! For example; ³Ohh, look at this noob´ - That noob is you, just playing a game.

Finally, one more issue could be ownership. Pure Pwange do not own the game company, title, name, or any of the elements of the games they play.  Therefore, according to copyright laws, if the game designer / owner wanted his name or company to be shown when displaying footage, Pure Pwange have to obey.  Unfortunatly, I was unsuccessful in finding an episode showing gameplay, so I am not certain that gratitude is given or not given.  However, it would be interesting to hear what the game companys have to say about their own gameplay clips being broadcast to a wide audience.

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