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Sealed Lips

Sealed Lips

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Published by petri_pierre
three poems I wrote while in a Bible Studies camp
three poems I wrote while in a Bible Studies camp

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Published by: petri_pierre on Mar 29, 2010
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Go into the deep woods, go into the deep Where murmurs are blurring and calling to sleep Upon your face a branch may cast The silence of its bending shade So that above the words at last You'll hear inner streams cascade

The world is strong and mighty as it seems It may be all just darkness still it gleams And whispers through our forests dense with fog and deep The things we are to love and those we are to keep

The tunnel
The tunnel is grief We are alike Every rock is a part of me No wonder it swallows me up

The highway
There is an empty highway it is actually incredibly poor Memories do come across I’m sniffing the air They have no smell like the running water But still they run me over in a second

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