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CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief

Project name: Sandfire Kids Logotype and Brand Design
Client Company: Brooksideas.Org SandFire Kids Project
Client Representative: Andrea Brooks, CEO. Shawn McGruder, CTO.
Capstone Advisor: Prof. Bobbi Long

Table of contents:

Problem definition
Risk analysis

Name of Company: Brooks Ideas, Organization.
Client background: Educational Learning platforms and Computer Application design concepts.
What they do: Educational computer learning programs.


Brooksideas.Org has been developing educational programs and learning platforms for grade school
to middle school children for a decade.
Target Audience
The main target audience for this product are children between the ages of 7-12 years; the product is
also intended to reach educators, learning institutions and programs dealing within the scope of this
age group of children, their parents, guardian and care giver.
Client representatives
Andrea Brooks, CEO
Shawn McGruder, CTO.
Address: 103 Serra Ct, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Email: Phone: (831)295-4802
Client Need (Problem)
Brooksideas.Org is in need of a new logo design and branding identity which will promote the
Sandfire Kids project learning application in an online environment. This redesign is needed to
replace the existing generic logo head and static web page presence. The new design concepts will be
utilized by elementary and middle school environments as well as educators, children and adults.
Logo characterization and typeface identity to incorporate with learning application subject matter.
The design will include a typographical logo treatment, a characterization logo concept with color
scheme incorporated into a promotional web page representing the Sandfire Kids learning
The final deliverables will include a logo design and brand identity that will fit into the Sandfire Kids
project existing overall mission of Brooks ideas. Org. Features will include web design elements and
themes to coordinate with corporate identity and logo accompanying marketing materials to
coordinate with new brand identity.
All digital files in cd format with graphics standards instructional package.

CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief

The project will consist of research and development of a series of wire frame outlines and tactile
sketch work culminating in a final rough project design which then will be subject to a series of peer
reviews by fellow design students and the Capstone project advisor. The design development and
brand identity will then be revised up into the production phase which will include pre-press testing
and evaluations of web site user interface capabilities and information architecture.
Resources for the project will include traditional graphic design elements for sketch work and
wireframe mock ups, design skills include typeface design, vector graphics, character rendering, and
color design schemes. The computer generated design will be produced utilizing Adobe design
software programs, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Web page production will be accomplished
through text editing platforms utilizing Wordpress, Dreamweaver, and Flash animation programs.
Web page testing will be conducted through peer review and W3C testing site.

Schedule: Fall 2015 (August-December)

Client meeting, design concepts

Project outline, proposal, brief drafts
Design presentation reviews
Faculty presentation review. 09/18/2015
Advisor Proposal sign- off.
Client Proposal sign-off. Submit to client
1st final presentation peer review.
1st advisor final sign-off
1st Client presentation

Schedule: Spring 2016 (February- May)

Fall review

CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief

Capstone presentation rough concepts

Client meeting review
Final testing evaluation review
Pre-press evaluation
Faculty presentation
Advisor sign-off
Final Capstone Presentation

Budget and cost approximation is a hypothetical evaluation and cost analysis for the CSUMB
capstone design project. There are no billable costs due the client.

Design Hours 5 hrs. Per wk.

Production Hours 5 hrs. Per wk.
Total Hours @ $20 /hr. 280 hrs. at 10 weeks
Materials Hardware, Software, presentation materials: presentation boards $10
Communication (meetings, phone calls) no cost
Travel (gas cost for mileage, train, fly, parking) total of 4 meetings/ no cost
Total cost estimate $5610

Risk analysis
Risk analysis is a What if scenario of potential setbacks that this project could incur and could
include technical difficulties, illness, client non-compliance with required resources and scheduled
sign-off time frames, underestimate of project scope, natural disasters.

Testing and Evaluation

Testing will be accomplished in clients target market base including educational institutions, Home
school environments, Day-care and learning based facilities.
Evaluation will be a constant throughout the project entirety and will consist of peer review, advisor
review and professional review of project content. Web page testing and evaluation will be conducted
CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief

through several platforms including a live blog post with rebuttal feedback, marketing research
analysis through CSUMB business school and professional web development platforms .

CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief

CST-400 Capstone Planning Project Brief