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Kirsten Chura, Kimberly Avelar, Chanell Johnson, Chase Haithcox

Texas Government 2306
November 5, 2015
Group Annotated Bibliography
Armendariz, Al, Ph.D. Emissions from Natural Gas Production in the Barnett Shale Area and
Opportunities for Cost-Effective Improvements. Rep. N.p., n.d. Web.
This source is a report by Dr. Al Armendariz at Department of Environmental and Civil
Engineering Southern Methodist University. This source will enlighten our group to the impact
from the oil and gas industry on air emissions. The report will also provide information on
possible solutions to any environmental concerns about those emissions which may arise.

Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water
Resources: Executive Summary. Washington, D.C.: EPA, Office of Research and
Development, 2015. Print.
This source is a government report of the scientific study conducted by the EPA. This
source was recommended to us by Mr. MacFarlane. It shows the findings discovered by the
EPAs Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking
Water Resources and will provide knowledge on the importance and validity of the issue of water
contamination from the oil and gas industry.

Brandes, Heide, and Yeganeh Torbati. "Oklahoma Set to Overturn Local Drilling Controls as
Backlash Brews." Reuters. Thomson Reuters, 20 May 2015. Web. 07 Nov. 2015.
This article describes many of the vocal concerns the locals of Oklahoma that are directly
affected by the passing of the bill. Using this we can accurately connect similar concerns of local
Texans to the residents of Oklahoma who, like Texans, are a little unnerved by the removal of
their option to decide how to treat their environment. It describes the role that some oil
companies played in pushing for the passing of the bill, but also covers why the state would want
to step in to provide some protection for a rather large industry in the state which also parallels
one of Texas big interests.

"FIVE FACTS ABOUT HB 40." North Texans for Natural Gas. Web. 5 Nov. 2015.
This source is about an interest group who is for the bill HB40. They talk about how the
bill keeps Texas Strong, Empowers Texans over outside Groups, Provides Regulatory Certainty,
Protects Taxpayers, and Preserves Local Control. I will use the source as evidence for how some
citizens view this bill as positive law for their city, also the facts to back it up.

"Frack Free Denton." Frack Free Denton. 23 Sept. 2014. Web. 8 Nov. 2015.
This source is an interest group that is against fracking in Denton. This group gives 10
reasons why they should ban fracking altogether especially in the city Denton. They explain how
Local government has failed to protect citizens, Fracking is only going to get worse, and how
Fracking doesnt suit Denton. I would use this source to prove how there are other people out
there that are against fracking. They give reasonable explanations as to why they do not like it.

"House Research Organization." Texas House of Representatives, Focus Report. 22 Sept. 2015.
Web. 5 Nov. 2015.
This source provides, knowledge about the bill HB40. It talks about what the opponents
and supporters say about the bill. It always provides evidence on how the bill will work for the
state and the regulations it has on fracking. I will be able to use this source to explain the bill
HB40, the regulations that it has on the state. I will also be able to show how some were for the
bill, and how some were against also their views on how the bill will affect the state.

Monies, Paul. "Fallin Signs Bill Preventing Cities from Enacting Drilling Bans." Examiner
Enterprise. Examiner Enterprise, 31 May 2015. Web. 07 Nov. 2015.
This short article holds a microscope into some of the reasons given for passing the law,
which also details a few of the groups that oppose the group. The article details some minor
points of the bill and how it will work and what it applies to. Very useful in seeing some of the
groups who oppose the bill and a nice resource for seeing some of the proponents of the bills
reasoning for supporting the bill.

"Oklahoma - SB 809 - 2015 - Natural Gas Development Legislature Bill Relating to Oil and
Gas." Oklahoma - SB 809 - 2015 - Natural Gas Development Legislature Bill Relating to
Oil and Gas; Stating Regulatory Authority over Certain Drilling, Completing, Fracture
Stimulating, and Operation of Oil and Gas Wells and Produced Water Disposal Wells;
Prohibiting Certain Regulation by Municipalities, Counties or Political Subdivisions;

Stating Exception; Authorizing Corporation Commission to Make Certain
Determination; Providing Certain Rebuttable Presumption; Authorizing Corporation
Commission to Implement Rules; Repealing 52 O.S. 2011, Section 137, Which Relates to
Powers of Cities and Towns; Providing for Codification; Providing for Noncodification;
and Declaring an Emergency. | Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker. Brian Bingman,
26 Jan. 2015. Web. 09 Nov. 2015.
From this source that follows the bill that shares many of the common rules and sets the
regulation similar to Texass own HB 40 we will be able to compare the laws directly and draw
accurate comparisons to the laws and how they will work to set the state as the overseer of Oil
and Gas concerns. This site is a direct step by step progress report on Oklahomas Senate Bill
809 and using this we can see the push and pull this bill went through that can be similar to
Texas own. What is very interesting about this source is that it provides many news stories
relating to the bill, so many viewpoints about the bill can be gathered and can directly compare
and contrast to Texas own concerns over their bill.

Prud'homme, Alex. Hydrofracking. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. eBook Collection
(EBSCOhost). Web. 5 Nov. 2015.
This scholarly source is an eBook found using the lib-guide on Blackboard.
Hydrofracking will provide our group with foundational information to better understand one of
the main issues of our bill. This source will also provide our group with basic information on the
technology of Hydro-fracking, answering the What?, How?, Where? of Hydro-fracking,
and it also addresses economic and environmental debate surrounding the technology.

Shelden, Darla. "Oklahoma Sierra Club Decries the Passage of Senate Bill 809." Oklahoma
Sierra Club Decries the Passage of Senate Bill 809., 26 May 2015.
Web. 10 Nov. 2015.
From this article we can truly get the true feelings on how some of interest groups and
residents feel about these new laws that take away their option of halting fracking near their
residency. The Oklahoma Sierra Clubs Director John Bridgwater has a statement on how the
state could possibly think to pass this after recently admitting to some environmental problems
that may be linked to the fracking throughout the state. The article shows some data on
earthquakes throughout the state of Oklahoma and speaks about some of the key counties of

"Texas Legislature Online - Text Search." Texas Legislature Online - Text Search. Web. 5 Nov.
This source talks about the fiscal note of the bill HB40 and the local government impact.
I will be able to use this source to talk about the fiscal note, use to discuss how the bill was
funded and the budget of the bill.

Wolfe, Peggy Heinkel. "HB 40 Could Set off Change." HB 40 Could Set off Change. 2 May
2015. Web. 5 Nov. 2015.
This source goes into depth on how the bill will affect oil and gas companies in the city
Denton. It states facts about the regulations on the bill and how it changes Denton, and how the

bill puts more rules on fracking. If it becomes law, HB 40 will require current and future rules to
pass a four-part test before they are allowed to stand. This article also shows how some citizens
( for an example lawyers views) are for the bill and they talk about the positive change, and how
oil and gas companies dislike the bill and believe it would make it harder for them to get the oil
that they want. It always talks about the house members and how many try to stop the bill from
going through the legislative process. I will use this source in the research paper to provide
evidence and show the reader how the bill affects the cities in Texas with emphasis on the city of

Young, Patrick Hunter, and John J. MacFarlane, III. "Group Interview Report." Personal
interview. 13-17 Oct. 2015.
This interview report provided our group with a reference to the information we gathered
during our group interview. We were able to have a discussion about the environmental impact of
fracking with Mr. McFarlane. We were then able to discuss with Mr. Young the economic
concerns of regulations on oil and gas companies. Our group will be able to use this source in
our final research paper. We have also used this source as a spring board to find others sources
such as an EPA study on ground water and an SMU study on air emissions.